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This store is 100% woman owned.

We Cater replica items for Re-enactment, SCA groups, highland games, alternative, reconstruction, theatre, movie industry, theme party or weddings customers.  The books, movies and tv shows coming out in the last decades prove the demand, expressed through the tales of Robinhood, King Arthur, Harry Potter, the Vikings tv series and Game of Thrones and the list goes on.We have from medieval to modern day clothing, occupational tools & feastware.   We also cater to Steampunk and Gothic events as these styles also were developed in Northern Europe.  We have Great Service and 30+ scholarly historian knowledge.  We host circle workshops which include - Bard nights, mead sharing, sword fighting, drumming circles, healing & more on the acreage.  We are proud to offer everything in a one stop shop & be the first of its kind store started in 1994 making candles at my home, then on to markets, and lastly to my newest physical location today in Crawford, Bay, BC. opened 2013.


     Hello Awakening Soul!

 I have embraced our caucasion heritage and culture to better myself & to share the experience with you.


Hi!  My name is Mysteel

& I welcome you to "The Celts and Vikings Mythology Shop".    I consider myself a "Northern European Tribalist" and wish not to be mistaken for a Celtic reconstructionalist. No one else uses this term but I want to officially coin the term on my site (but have used the term since 2002).  I am a Celtic Woman Warrior who has been through quite the journey, from physical, mental & emotional abuse from Exes and a very small number of student.....only to triumph. I have emerged stronger for it. I am now a Chieftain of my own modern day tribe, a writer & Celtic scholar.  I am considered a Druid teacher I guess but not into titles, as I have over 30 years study.  I will give lessons to anyone who wants them.  I've read and studied some of the actual Celtic manuscripts and the actual Coligney calendar found as well as reading at least 1 book per week on 'the Celts' for 29 years now (1980), some good, most marketing garbage.  I wrote four pagan courses after I first branched off Star Sapphire to create the famous Knight Phases Tradition.  years later I find I am no longer on that path.

I love everything about the Celts and have only recently discovered the Viking side of me (2009).  I do cater to those of Scandinavian descent as well as modern groups of Norse, Asatru and so on.

When I made the store I wanted to make a place for other Ancestral enthusiusts, as I found there was no place where there were ancient replicas or culture learning anywhere.  There was tons of other ethnic community centres but none for any caucasian people.  Its like we are blind to our background and some are actually scared of it from years of programming to convert.  Christianity has wipped out almost every cultures background.  Yet the culprit is Rome???  Our background is beautiful.  I made it my mission to make it easier for future generations to fid everything in one shop.  Along the way I've met other seekers who are thrilled to share, learn and join my ever growing worldwide Northern European tribe.

I also seem to attract the pagan community as some of our products match their needs as some of the ancient occupations were considered to be seers, and healers etc.  For hundreds of years now our ancient Shaman like practices (Druids) some consider to be witchcraft.  Just silliness.  Yet we accept Guru, medicineman and other labels... but for some reason not our own.  Slowly the world is waking up from the blind oppression.  We have handpicked wild sage and other cool items as well. 

We price our products in Canadian dollars and our Paypal check out lets you use credit card or paypal and thus converts it accordingly to your country.  

                      There are many aspects that set my Celtic store apart from all others. 


1) The Celts and Vikings Mythology Shop helps make your new item a great conversation piece as well as a fine quality purchase because of the wealth of info about each piece of art. The item features it being handcrafted and can be an ancient ornaments or other accessories the Celts would have made like walking sticks, drinking horns & other miscellaneous items by Brahva.

2) There is a lot of history and research behind my articles for this website.

3) I keep a wide variety of items and frequently add or take away items continually. I will go out of my way to get you, the customer, what you want or something similar, if we've run out or suppliers have none left.  We DO NOT REFUND MONEY.  We exchange for somethibng else only - See shipping and Policies.

4) I can also help you with ideas or products to create that special day, or ritual or themed event & answer any question you might have on the Celts. You will also find other Celtic / Viking groups in your area here as well. The Celts and Vikings Store supports individual talent over large chains, so if you make something the Celts used, by all means contact us!

5) Keep in mind that most our items ship directly from the artisan to you, we DO NOT SHIP nor do we neccesarily have these online items in stock. Our store is almost completely different in our stock then our on-line store so please come have a holiday in this artisan area and come see us!  


You can see our God Statues, musical instruments, quaichs, drinking horns, bodhrans, walking staffs and many Wall plaques in this picture.  There is even tea leaf reading , spell writing quill and ink kits in the background!

6) Lastly but most importantly, I listen. If you don't see the Celts item here, I will do my best to find it for you or I'll make it myself (if possible). I can also do my best to design the handcrafted items to fit your budget if you see something you like. For those who wish to stand out in the crowd and flaunt their uniqueness, each item is made with great care, time & good magical energy put in it.

I'm committed to bringing you the most unique products. The kind of products you don't see every day in a mall. The Celts and Vikings Mythology Shop will provide the Celts today with the most deserved convenient, secure shopping experience. If you have any ideas about how we can serve you better, please contact us at celtsandvikings@gmail.com .

Celts and Vikings Mythology Shop

(and hopefully soon to be resort if I find a partner)