Bracelets - Celtic Styled

These are made by the same artist who also supplied the Vikings TV Series.  The real McCoy, not a replica.

The Celts were fond of bracelets.  Wrist and arm rings were often given by kings and chieftains as gifts, and as rewards for particularly valiant deeds of bravery.

Our bronze or silver bracelets are flexible and easy to put on and take off. They make the perfect complement to a matching torc.

When ordering a bracelet, be sure to tell us a tape measurement of your wrist for a proper fit when you check out with your order #.

SAVE $$$ on shipping by ordering 4 or more items!!!  Make sure all your cart items are labelled CC shipping for this bargain.  See matching neck torcs here!



Our prices are in Canadian dollars.

WARNING !  Because they are handcrafted from scratch when you order, they may take up to 7 weeks delivery.  Only ships to Canadian Customers as the artist is in the USA and so we dont want to ship it back the same way for we've already paid for customs and border fees.

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