Designer Crow Hair Barrette

The Raven or Crow - is now the modern vampire and 20th century symbol of the undead but Animals and Birds held significant feature in pre-Christian cultures even our Caucasian history in Celtic and Norse Mythology.  The Celts held great respect for the environment.

A black pewter hair grip of a detailed, spreadeagled raven, fitted with a standard, sprung hair clasp underneath.

Approximate Dimensions:   Width 2.95" x Height 2.95" x Depth 0.39"

Materials:   Fine English Pewter with sprung hair clasp

Fun Trivia:   The scientific name for ravens, crows and their relatives is Corvidae. There are over 120 species and they include ravens, crows, rooks, choughs, jackdaws, and magpies. Celtic and Viking gods had animal totems and could turn into them to send us messages or to bring them messages from us.  Badb could turn into Crow, Morrigan - a raven, Bendigeidfran (Welsh) - name means blessed Raven.  It is said in Cornish folklore that King Arthur did not die but his spirit entered into that of a red billed Chough, a member of the crow family.  In Norse mythology the raven holds a special place.  The god of the Æsir pantheon Odin is sometimes referred to as the Raven God as he has the ravens Huginn and Muninn ((pronounced “HOO-gin” and “MOO-nin) which mean thought and desire.

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