Circlet - Triquetra Celtic Moon

Celtic Moon Circlet
These Ancient style Celtic knotwork moon circlets or headdresses are individually handcrafted and super to wear as the Female or Male Druid, or daughter of Nobility, or for your wedding tiara. 
These one of a kind headdresses are made with Bronze & Crystal and can be worn using the attached leather cord and metal slide (not pictured) and bent for a comfortable fit. 
They are light, cool, comfortable to wear & finished with a clear lacquer so they never need polishing!  
Ships from Florida USA.  To SAVE $$$ on shipping costs, keep your entire order with one artist.  This artists items are labeled bronze shipping.
Handmade items are made from scratch when you order - see shipping and policies.  Ships worldwide! Collectors pieces from independant renowned artist.  Please note all Celts and Vikings website products are shipped from the artist NOT from us.  The only ones we ship are handcrafted by the store owner "Brahva" or labelled C&V shipping.  This product ships from Florida USA.  It is handcrafted when you order it, and not ready made, so expect 4-6 WEEKS wait for shipping.Save $$$ on shipping by buying two or more items marked bronze shipping!!
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