Celtic Forest Spirit Leather Mask

Forest Spirit Leather Mask

From the beginning of recorded history, masks have been worn for many reasons and by many cultures.  The ancient Celtic and Viking people used these tribal and animal masks as a powerful mediator between the worlds, or to frighten away spirits or enemies, or to represent a nature spirit, animal or God.  The Celts believed that trees had spirits and revered certain trees for their wisdom and each was tied to a tribe or ancestor.  The most sacred trees of Ireland were the bíle trees - old, sacred trees that stood in a central area and were often the social and ceremonial meeting place for a tribe or village. According to the Dindsenchas (lore of Irish places), the five sacred Bíles of Ireland were the Ash of Tortu, the Bole of Ross (a yew tree); the Oak of Mugna, and the Ash of Dathi. These trees were associated with the five Irish provinces then in existence.

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