Bowl Natural Soapstone for Medieval Feast

Soapstone bowl

Sculpted from beautiful and natural soapstone, this 5" diameter finger bowl is a fantastic piece for your medieval feast. Coloured in the natural speckled, swirling, and otherwise mesmerizing patterns orchestrated by nature, each bowl will possess its own uniquely exquisite design.

Alternatively you can also:

1) Fill it partially with water and perhaps add your sacred oils or herbs to pamper the guests at your feast while a wench dabs their forehead or feet. 

2) Or give it to the seer who will gaze into its depths, with his/her own scrying technique.   

3) or otherwise fill it with sand or use it by itself as a great basin or smudge pot for safely snuffing out and resting your burning smudge stick.

This bowl measures approximately 5" in diameter and 2" high. Please allow for variation within the patterns and coloring of the soapstone.

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