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Capital City Comic Con in Victoria, BC

Celtic Articles & Links Educational Information

Celtic Article & Link 1 - The Celts and Celtic Society - Brahva Cwmevos

Celtic Article & Link 2 - Celtic Stories and Symbols - from other writings of Brahva Cwmevos

Other Published writings - Chieftain mentor, scholar & writer - Brahva

Brendan Myers - Award-winning Canadian philosopher, writer, & speaker

The Heretic - A Canadian Pagan magazine

Celtic Life International is a global community for Celtic culture.  A fantastic magazine and website telling about the Celtic scene worldwide and is Canadian Based in Nova Scotia, please support them!!


Electric Trance Music for Modern Day Druidry

Canada's Hottest DJ - Paradigm Theorem. 

Celtic Podcasts

The Wigglian Way - A Pagan Podcast by an old friend of mine and his girlfriend.

Celtic Myth Pod ShowFun show! Ruth & Gary produce this show which re-tells the stories of the Ancient Celts.


Ladies Who need help with the Housework!!


look for them in your area

Island Re-enactors and Events

Maers Khohias - A Northern European style modern day tribe to join for a lifestyle of sharing and healing the earth.  Any cultural background or sexual orientation may join.  We have a three year study and include our own language, holidays, god pantheon, fun games and rituals and would like to share land one day.  We want those who are or can teach - different weapon fighting styles, village building, business ventures, horses and jousting, a doctor a tailor a broomstick maker, candle stick and more.  See our Celtic events page for both these and the schools events.  

Jousters - in Victoria, BC Highland games

SCA on Vancouver Island also here SCA

LARPERS on Vancouver Island, BC

Related Celtic Articles & Links

Hats of Ancient Europe

British Celts & European here

Irish History and here DNA proof

Medieval Feast Recipes!

 Modern Music or - Sound Advice - Paradigm Theorem - My talented son !


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