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Maers Khohias Tribe

Today, every aspect of the Celts or Vikings culture is very visible in Canada.  Everyone whose family roots lie in central, western & northwestern Europe have a Celtic connection, as both Celts and Scandinavian culture is very ancient.   This culture still lives through the Celtic art, Celtic music, the Celts & Scandinavian writing, (runes and ogham) & the feel of the similar Celtic and Scandinavian spiritualities. We long to connect to our ancestors as we can see in the huge outbreak of various media and groups we cater to below. 

The Celts were NOT a race as some persons seem to think. It is but a term used to describe the tribal peoples who were spoke one of the seven connected Gaelic languages and they were spread from mainland Europe (mostly Northern Europe) to Turkey, Australia and even China. The Celts had many different people from different cultures in their tribes.

Now lets look at the word 'Viking'. This word means to pillage or plunder.  It refers to those who were pirates or thieves who conquered others from both the Celtic and Scandinavian areas. Somehow the name for these bad apples became associated to the whole of Scandinavian peoples.  Because the time they speak of is when they started aggressively migrating across to Britain and Ireland during the 800's CE.  Never did get a foothold in Ireland (Danes) but they took over most of England and mixed. Thus the name of the store is Celts and Vikings which means we include pirate gear.

The word 'Celts' come from the Roman word "Keltoi" which in English is properly pronounced "KEL tic".  There is a sports team named "the Celtics" who mispronounce their name (Seltic) as they name was not properly researched when they chose it.  

There is no one Celtic or Scandinavian belief system, all tribes were completely different from one another.  You cannot envelop everyone under one umbrella.  

The lesser known part of Paganism is a group started in 2002, based mostly of of the Northern European Tribes called Maers Khohias which will spread worldwide.  It was created to put into effect, a working system for a modern day tribe, which can include every culture and stop segregation, just as the Northern Europeans included others they met on their journey of movement.  

We do not claim to be following exactly Northern European or any other culture's ancient beliefs, although we do have 30 year study of them.  Instead, Maers Khohias has its own modernized belief system making all myths into things we know to be true and things we can tangibly see in nature.  As we've discovered many more planets and other new discoveries,  MK has updated and included these new discoveries because to only follow what the ancients saw is just plain silly.  No two scholars agree on anything, we all have our own beliefs.  Lastly we are not into petty historical and paganwars and thus our members agree on our main beliefs and the rest we each have our own views.  The Maers Khohias tradition is the Maers Khohias Tradition period - it is not up for debate as its main beliefs are set in stone otherwise it would not be a 'tradition'.  Those that join, join know they are agreeing to learn and practice this way for their lifetime and thus they focus on what they can bring instead of changing something else.  We dont believe there is no right way or wrong way....there is only the right way for us, as again its a tradition.  

Those that join have already done their homework and researched us, so they know what they are getting into prior.  They do not bring the disrespect of skepticism, they dont come with their own agendas, nor do they come just to learn for two years then decide try and steel it for themselves or decide its not for them because they didn't get their way.   We have a hierarchy and with that heirachy we know that even the littlest job for each person is just as important. If you dont know how to work hard to resolve a dispute...then you aren't mature enough to be in our family.  All disputes must be worked out.  People who choose to join this tribe, join for life, and go through an adoption ceremony, thus there is no quitting because they get miffed or dont want to work at all relationships.

Maers Khohias Tribal Training

We've already honed in on the talents of the tribal seeker and what that individual needs by the time the seeker chooses our tribe's path, as they've gone through two pre-requisite courses to determine how serious they are and have told us and shown us.  They sacrifice $550 for the a precourse and this covers the costs of the 13 workshops course and another $160 for the 8 week workshop course.

After the prerequisite beginning of the process, they will attend a potluck all day workshop for the readings of the main beliefs of Maers Khohias.  By the end of these precourses and weekend, they know if they wish to join this tribe.  If so they will spend the rest of the year with them and atteend certasin functions.  If by then they still wish to join, then they will then apply by going through a respectful process, learned at the tribal workshop, and approach the elder with proper etiquette.  If the Elder takes their offering, the tribal seeker will be asked to attend a meeting by phone.  They will be asked what they learned about themselves on the prerequisite courses and where they expect to go with M.K. training.  They also answer this in an application questionnaire.  If from there they are accepted to go further, they will be called again to complete a full interview to see which a clan of the tribe they would be best suited and to make sure they are going to the right path.  Both sides must feel mutually that it is a good fit so they feel like they are coming home.

Nope they are not done.  Members of the clan family they are joining, within the tribe, look the application, listen to the interview comments and the seeker's answers may inspire a further interview by some more members.

Once that is complete the adoption process and rite is set up.

There is no charge for Maers Khohias tribal training, because they become family and have already agreed to the way of life & the main beliefs prior to joining but they do pay for their own paper for writing or materials needed for the tasks of Maers Khohias initial training.  The rest of the beliefs are individual and the person goes on to perfect his or her own craft on their own, following the main beliefs and pre-written main rituals of the tribe.  He or she makes his own rituals for his own profession if he or she is the first in that profession.  With this individual craft, the member brings to the tribe, he and the rest of his team  are responsible for their share of paying for the land and store to sell their goods.  Each person belongs to a group of up to 13 members, 13 X 13 make up the entire tribe. Each of the 13 groups pays 6% of the bills and mortgage payments, thus the land is everyones to use.   Special gifts are bestowed to the adoptee upon the blood oath adoption ceremony. The tribal training is usually one on one but can be up to 3 seekers. The adoptee may move through many mentors, along his or her path.

The Maers Khohias tribe training is available to those who seriously wish to make a tribal world by sharing in the purchase of land, bills and trading survival items as food, farming, warmth etc., and selling their trade in our store.  We do not have to keep up with the Jones, for we share. 

We are looking for persons who are already successful and happy with themselves, those that do not procrastinate when it comes to a challenge and give up, but find a way to get over, around or under the obstacle.  Persons with special abilities, like blacksmithing, animal husbandry, dog training, horse riders, weaving, gardening, electrical, doctors and so on are most welcome.  We want to be self sufficient so money is not a stress any longer.  Crawford Bay, BC is where the first land is.  Maers Khohias tribe makes it money by its members being artisans, hair designers, teachers etc. who offer a service or craft and selling through the Celts and Vikings Mythology Shop.

Our tribe, offers three types of training - adoptee, some occupations, and an optional Priesthood path, but this latter path is not for everyone.  We do not perform for the general public, nor do we feel the need to "be accepted" by the pagan communitee.  We are more into our own tribe ans spiritulism then what others are doing.

BE one of the first to join and make your mark!!!

First part; All Maers Khohias tribe seekers get the same training in the 1st phase which focuses on teaching the dynamics, structure and main beliefs in detail that is universally embraced and agreed to prior.  Maers Khohias is based on the land we live in, not some country far away.  Maers Khohias training focuses on the similarities between cultures and beliefs, not the differences.  This level of study is task based. There 13 tasks and then they proceed into the 2nd part which is calendar learning or the Maers Khohias year with all the 5 main holidays and 3 moon or sun ritual that all share in.  The rest are there on the calendar but are optional to anyone.  It is set up to allow new members to work on one to two tasks per month and not worry yet about studying a specific area yet.  Part of the training, for example is learning the basics of Maers Khohias language and writing followed by a task.  Other studies are studying our Tribe's deity families, our virtues, our different clan totems, treasures, magic, how we namings, our elemental system, circle ettiquette, each with a task attached, some hands on and some riddles.  Don't worry if you don't memorize it, you can do that are your own later. The first lesson is learning about the adoption ritual, the techniques used and why they must be included. Adoptees are given all items they need for this phase of their learning journey at no cost for they are out new children.  When children grow up, they in turn take care of the elders.  At this level the seeker belongs to their mentor and not themselves. They must be dedicated to make study a priority over personal matters or other influences and preferences.  This is a great sacrifice for it lasts 2 years.

The adoptee understands that putting their whole heart in to making this work (the more you put in, the more you get out), the more this training deepens the seekers commitment to the Tribe and its Traditions.  The longer a member stays away, the more fragile the bond.  An Maers Khohias member, believes that our faith comes from this disciplined focus.  With this training, we turn even the frustrating tasks into a game of fun, learning to turn a tragedy into developing joy first and foremost.  The second calendar phase is developing focus on learning to see the world differently thus developing psychic abilities and sympathetic magic in our rituals and daly life. 

Maers Khohias tribes do not tolerate or wish to attract wingnuts who pretend psychic power, who think that witches are ghost busters (go to a paranormal place that deals with that) or those who want to learn magic because they lack something in their lives -  thus coming for the wrong reasons, and lastly we don't want the people who pretend that they are some 4th generation witch like there is some unbroken line of wittch beliefs in some family who didn't change their thinking since the 400's....please.  We want them to come because they are rich in joy, they are successful in their job, they love their selves and wish to love others who are like-minded.  They are people who are willing to make a changes in themselves, domn't mind criticism once in awhile and will actually do the work.  This isn't hand you the secrets on a platter and you stir a cauldron and everyone in your life changes over night to do what you want.  This is how can you change to make your world better.  This is not a blame the teacher, boss or others place.  If you have a drug or alcohol problem...don't apply, if you use natural drugs or alohol responsibly, come ahead.

Our most important belief is that all our attitudes come to 'tribe first', selfish needs second.  Every action we do, we think of the good of every person in the tribe.  We know any negative action or untruth carried out affects everyone around them.  This domino effect lasts for many generations after and thus cannot be. It is our own energy we bring to the table, so we are conscious of what type of energy we bring in to a room.  If we are angry, resentful or uncomfortable or not, our energy will make it worse.  Resolve with the member face to face then have a beer.  Self gain or attention are far from Celtic virtues. Unfortunately, Selflessness is one lesson that many cannot attain.

New members co-ordinate our annual tribes charity run and our volunteer work.

Second part of Maers Khohias Tribal TrainingThe Adoptee now performs traditions of our 5 main holidays, they learn it so he may know them by heart.  We learn each in its own season, or ritual in the phase it goes in, along with its stories and songs. Our language, for these rituals, is also perfected here. One full year, usually the 3rd year.  Here they decide what they want to do for an accupation besides the obligations of their fine.

Optional 3rd Part of Maers Khohias Tribal Training; The adoptee returns from training and settles into their own 'clan' family who adopted them and becomes a full member into the daily routine.  There are 12 Clan families to choose from within any Maers Khohias Tribe.  He now decides on an occupation and delves deeper into the magics of it.  Members are kicked from the cave, so to speak, and stand on their own. They become successful in their own fields, learning on their own.  From this, they learn leadership skills, if there is no leader in that area.  No one else has a say in this decision. The member walks this journey on their own, focusing on their chosen specialty and finding their own information, and way.  The only rule here is that they cannot choose anothers profession unless that person wants an apprentice as each person must be special in their own way.  They are no longer seekers.   Some Clans might be empty so the member may choose to start one up because he has chosen to become a 'Chief' or mentor and like that Clans ideals.  Each clan family teaches at least 1 class a year and some individuals more, depending how big the tribe is.  They can now wear the tribal ring.

PEOPLE WHO CHOOSE THE PRIESTHOOD OCCUPATION; In this phase if you choose to go into one of the 3 Priesthood classes, most of the the training is already laid out for you including the art of matching frequencies and much more. Priesthood wears a certain painted or real tattoo symbol - varies depending on which they choose.  All Priesthood occupations must produce a completed a certificate or course in counseling/psychology.

Hierarchy: Although we have a Hierarchy they are guides nor rulers. The actual rulers are the majority vote, and the majority are the members as a whole, not the Hierarchy.  All members have a vote; can offer a new law or abolish one; challenge a rule or add to the tradition.  All  members follow a respectful code of conduct to those hierarchy leaders when doing so, as those leaders are your servants carrying out the needs of the people.  The King and/or Queen does have voting privileges at all, in fact, except in the case of a tie vote.

Yes, The Hierarchy are considered servants of our tribe, though they hold personal boundaries, and rightly so, to keep de-stressed of the needs, wants and in some cases (hopefully not) the demands of each seeker.  Each person in the hierarchy has their own special wood, colour and/or Celtic tattoo.  These depict position, so others new can find whom they are looking for.  Everyone wears what they want, because who the hell cares if its modern or ancient, but they do respect the colours of hierarchy in formal affairs.  The only members that hacve a dress code are the new Adoptees who must wear a certain colour robe and cloak for their first two year training.  Everyone else chooses their own style but in the colour of their clan, occupation or position at formal times.


Note: Our Chiefs of each family learn how to be an effective leader within the Celtic tribe and outside community. They are mentors who learn the 6 different learning types for students so they can recognize and support them before they are given title. They also learn how to spot potentially abusive or draining students.  For example - Demands made at any time are an absolute 'no no'.  1) I want you to teach this day, or 2) perform this ritual on this day.  3) This should be enough time for you to..... etc.  NO.  If a member wants something done, or wants it their own way and doesn't like the way the mentor or Celtic Chieftain Elder; they go through protocol period.  Otherwise they are quite plainly an Elder abuser.  All Tribal Members learn to walk their truth and not make statements they can't uphold.  Those that run at the first sign of something not going their 'own' way are considerd to be warlocks - the worst form on shame.

Please keep in mind that legitimate pagan Traditionalists or tribes do not believe in Internet learning, nor will you see us actively doing any internet or other advertising, set up solely for recruitment. We take our beliefs seriously and are dedicated to our tribe. You also won't find legitimate religioun or culture groups 'performing'  in the general 'Wicca' communities as the religions are VERY different and we find no need to 'perform' like a circus animal for the curiosity, approval, attention or praise of any "Pagan" community for that matter. You wouldn't see Catholics performing for Protestants would you?... so why do some newbie pagans feel the need?

We see a lot of groups who claim to seek truth, yet they do not understand truth has many perceptions like a bee's eyes. To truly seek truth, you must listen to all perceptions and parties, remaining neutral and unbiased, before making an opinion. In fact, if you think bad thoughts about others, or even our number one topic - "the weather", you injure the Universe.  Weather is only doing its job to try and heal what we've done. Try to remember that "Every good thought is felt by everything", and manifests in how we view the world and ourselves. Do not allow others to have a platform to send out negativity about others or cut them down on their personal blogs or forums.  Allowing others to vent in a private atmosphere so they can rid and then end with trying to change their perception to how to change the situation so they can see through the other persons eyes is okay.  But to agree or gang up on another and not end with something positive, you are a bully too.  Help change the energy and let it go so it is not stuck within you.  We recommend you taking our Discovering Self course. To Maers Khohias members, we find it is important to do our part in healing the Universe - "All for One and One for all!"

We feel, at this point in time, that Openness of sacred ritual disregards the whole point of tribal bonding; so much was a part of the ancients.  New people who are continually allowed at rituals, ruin the flow of the energy, especially if the group has not yet memorized and done the ritual together many times.  Just doing this together so all are confident and trust in each other, develops a tight bond.  Being so tight, so that we can read each other just by our movements so to speak is what it's all about. Keeping in touch at least twice a month with your family members is very important for this process, especially in the first few years.  Adding strangers to the mix too soon can lead to chaotic energy, when we are not ready & retards the vital bonding and growing process, where trust, safety and closeness is the highest quality that make up a tribe, a people.  Every real tribe does private rites or rituals that are unique to them. Why would Traditionalists want to openly share intimate details of ceremonies with others.  It is our own bond.  You will however find some of our holiday festivals open to the public. We do not share our intimate rituals or magic at these, but instead spread fun and Joy to all.

If you live in the Calgary or Crawford Bay area, or be able to commute to it, come on in and find out more.  Call away, and we shall be most happy to sit down with you and discuss the path anytime.  Any other part of the world, we are happy to come and start one there.  Call to arrange accommodations and wage coverage for us.

Note:  Although our tribe is based on the Hierarchal way of the Ancient Northern European peoples (meaning both Scandinavians and the Celts) and includes an Elders' council, as the ancient Gauls did, our main beliefs have been made so that all religions and cultural backgrounds can be awakened to a higher calling of one world, one people,  and because we have our own language, god names and culture we do not have to compare!!  We can see our beliefs all around us.  For example The Canadian Maers Khohias tribes, out sacred spots are here and include each province or territory.  Our spirit is all around us.  Everything can be seen physically. 

We shall no longer walk blindly and rely on government to take care of us, we are going to grow food, make candles, share land and work together.  This way of life is learning to communicate, create our own wealth, and give human touch which is so much lacking in our modern world, together!  Does this sound like home?  Come to join!!

Our Elders' council are the chosen persons who represent each clan/fine/kin of the tribe, not the hierarchy. It only comes together for a final vote on a major change or difficulty, or to go over the years ewevents and review what worked and what didn't.  They do not make decisions for the rest of tribe, they are voted by their own tribe, for neccessity.   As for everthing normal, majority rules. 

Any questions?  Please write us -!!

by Mysteel Muilyen

Copyright May 2011