Celts and Vikings Mythology Shoppe

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What makes us unique?

  • Our little online shop features Celtic Clothing and Viking Clothing and accessories in Canada.
  • Because we are tiny, we do not buy in bulk, with no storage and therefore we drop-ship from unique artists and companies including the owner, Mysteel’s handcrafted unique products.
  • No shipping cost when you do Free Pickup in Victoria, BC
  • Although not everything we sell is from ancient times because we are living in modern times, we do include accurate Historical notes throughout the store’s products, so you can actually learn about our European ancestors making it an experience while shopping for that unique gift.  Mysteel, a Celts and Vikings Cultural Scholar, with over 30 plus years of Scholarly expertise (2007) on these ancient cultures loves to share her knowledge. So not only will you find a unique gift suited to that person you don’t know what to buy for, but you will be able to dazzle them with your new trivial tidbits of knowledge about ancestral practices, dances, and so on, found throughout this Celts & Vikings Mythology Shoppe that the owner took time out to add for some trivia fun while you shop! She did this at the old physical location as well.  There is always a story or symbol behind every item! (….like the dragon. What did a dragon stand for?)
  • Celts and Vikings Mythology has decor to transform your home or event and give it an added air of excitement and mystery.
  • And lastly, the unique products we have here you can’t find in any average shopping mall. 

There is magic in the making of all our handcrafted products!  Some Made with love in ritual by Mysteel.

What do we Sell?

We sell Celtic and Viking styled Castle Home Decor, Clothing, and Accessories for LARPer’s, reenactment groups, the entertainment industry such as movies and television.  Basically, those who come here to shop, are either from subculture lifestyle groups or because our stuff is just plain cool.

Celts and Vikings Mythology Shop even has handcrafted drinking horns and stands, candle holders, and cutlery that comes in its own belt pouch. Your Druid or wizard character can even carry little potion bottles there. You set the cost and we will work to help you get ready to accentuate your beauty and uniqueness.

We have been complemented yearly by the fans at our frequented Expos across Canada and have been featured in Celtic Life Magazine on being one of the most unique and favourite stores they’ve ever seen! Returning fans of the store become like family when they come here.

You can find us on FB public market or see what events we’ll be at in Western Canada by pushing the link here and seeing our Celtic events calendar, please remember that at some of my shows, we are called Fantastical Worlds !!

Redefine your life and connect with your ancestors!

Are you having a themed event or wedding on Vancouver island?

We also have several packages to choose from.  Celts and Vikings can provide Celtic or Viking Clothing, and event decor, like wall banners and shields, right here in Canada.  To rent or buy.

We can even arrange to do the same thing above plus plan the menu, provide costumed staff to serve your Medieval Feast, and on occasion provide medieval entertainment like fire twirlers, musicians, jugglers and other.

The Celts & Vikings Mythology Shoppe

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