This store is 100% woman owned.

Celts and Vikings Mythology Shoppe is Canada’s First Official store catering to Entertainment Industry, Reenactors, LARPers, and History lovers, which started in 1994 just selling wizard and dragon candles. Since then I’ve added so much more including Movie and TV collectibles, based on Northern European Mythology. My first Physical location shop was in Crawford Bay and we saw people come from all over to visit. Unfortunately it was way in the mountains thus Ive now moved to Victoria. Yay. This store is 100% one woman owned and now only online at Having said that if I open a physical location again I am looking for partner if anyone is interested in investing in a really cool shop. Now that the physical location is closed, the left over movie/tv collectibles will be sold here online until they are gone!

We also offer theme party or wedding costumes and decor planning.

Now that Iv’ve moved to the island in BC and have no physical location, I am looking for a new place host circle workshops which include – Bard nights with mead sharing, accoustic & drumming circles, Womens and mens mysteries & more. I might possibly open my home in future. Check our facebook page for updates.

Hello Awakening Soul!

I have embraced my Northern European heritage and culture to better myself & to share the experience with you.

My Celtic - Viking booth at SCA

Hi! My name is Mysteel

I am a Celtic Woman Warrior who has been through quite the journey, from physical, mental & emotional abuse from Exes and one small group of students….only to triumph. I have emerged stronger for it. I am creating my own modern day tribe and am writing this book now based on the similarities of all cultures but with a modern day twist. Unite the people. I have written before Knight Phases, a Wiccan path and also some Self help stuff called Self Discovery; Embracing your Dark side. I am Northern European scholar, as I have over 30 years study.

When I made the store I wanted to make a place for other persons to least about our rich forgotten history as we were one of the first cultures to be wiped out by Christianity. They took away our languages Gaelic etc and were punished got speaking it. I found there was no place where we could learn our culture anywhere and if shopping for stuff had to go to 10 different stores. I also found that most white people dont recognize their own rich and beautiful culture and those that do focus more on modern dance or they think its practice is evil, yet we are ine with everyone elses. Sad. There was tons of other ethnic community centres but none for any caucasian people. Its like we are blind to our background (Pre-Christian) and most are actually scared of it from years of programming to convert. I also seem to attract the pagan community as some of our products match their needs as some of the ancient occupations were considered to be seers, and healers etc. For hundreds of years now our ancient Shaman like practices (Druids) some consider to be witchcraft. Just silliness. Yet we accept Guru, medicine man and other labels… but for some reason not our own.

Christianity has wipped out almost every cultures background. Yet the culprit is Roman Catholicism. Our background is beautiful. So long story short, I made it my mission to make it easier for future generations to fid everything in one shop. Along the way I’ve met other seekers who are thrilled to share, learn and join my ever growing worldwide Northern European tribe. Slowly the world is waking up from the blind oppression.

We price our products in Canadian dollars and our Paypal check out lets you use credit card or paypal and thus converts it accordingly to your country.


Keep in mind that most our items ship directly from the artisan to you, we DO NOT SHIP nor do we neccesarily have these online items in stock. Our store is almost completely different in our stock then our on-line store so please come have a holiday in this artisan area and come see us!

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I’m committed to bringing you the most unique products. The kind of products you don’t see every day in a mall. The Celts and Vikings Mythology Shop will provide the Celts today with the most deserved convenient, secure shopping experience.

Celts and Vikings Mythology Shop