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This store is 100% one woman owned.

Viking Warrior Elder women
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Celts and Vikings Mythology Shoppe is Canada’s First Official store catering to Entertainment Industry, Reenactors, LARPers, and History lovers. 

What do we Sell?

We sell Celts and Vikings styled Castle Home Decor, Clothing, and tribal like Accessories both modern and medieval for LARPer’s, reenactment groups, the entertainment industry – stage, movies and television. Our customer base are usually either from subculture lifestyle groups or some just because our stuff is just plain cool. Your Druid or wizard character can even carry little potion bottles there.

We have been complemented yearly by the fans at our frequented Comiccon, Highland games and other Expos across Canada and have been featured in Celtic Life Magazine on being one of the most unique and favourite stores they’ve ever seen! Returning fans of the store become like family when they come here.

You can find Celts and Vikings on FB public market or see what events we’ll be at in Western Canada by pushing the link here and seeing our Celtic events calendar, please remember that at some of my shows, we are called Fantastical Worlds !!

Redefine your life and connect with your ancestors!

Celts and Vikings

About our History

Celts and Vikings Mythology Shop is a home-based and 100% one woman-owned small business that started selling magickal candles in greater Vancouver, in 1994. It turned to “Celtic Ceilidh”, booth in 2002, and then to this new name and website in 2009, then a physical store in East Kootenays. It moved to Victoria, BC in October 2017 and only did comic cons and other events with no store. But now excited to be back only online, but still have to finish website and hopefully will be done fully by April 2022.

Mysteel is quite famous for her handcrafted walking sticks seen in commercials and film as well as her other items. Growing up her whole life around Stage and Film productions, this passion bloomed into making handcrafted brooms, leather masks, drinking horns, arm bracers, and also putting her artwork on leather, wood, drums, and canvas! She is very proud to have been part of the community of Entertainment industry in Canada since she was 16 years old as both an Actor and special effects makeup artist.

Mysteel, a Celts and Vikings Cultural Scholar with over 41 plus years of Scholarly expertise (2022) on these ancient cultures, loves to share her knowledge found throughout the Celts & Vikings Mythology Shoppe. She did this at the old physical location as well. People spending a full hour in her wee shop learning like a museum.

Mysteels words – I do want to open a physical location again but this time I am looking for partner if anyone is interested in investing half of what I paid for website costs and products, and put in half the time, each working 3 full days.  The reason why I also want a new location is so we can also host circle workshops, Bard nights with mead sharing, accoustic & drumming circles, Womens and mens mysteries & more. Check my facebook calendar page for updates.

Hello Awakening Soul!

I have embraced my ancient Northern European heritage and culture on a path to better myself. connect with mother earth & to share the experience with others in love energy.

My Celtic - Viking booth at SCA

Hi! My name is Mysteel

I am a Celtic and Viking mix  Woman Warrior who has been through quite the journey, from physical, mental & emotional abuse only to triumph. I have emerged stronger for it. I am creating my own modern day tribe Matagi Krigare and am still in the process of writing this book now based on the similarities of all cultures but with a modern day twist. Unite the people.  Unite the tribes my ancrestors have been telling me since early 2000’s and earlier they said I was destined to do something but I didnt understand it then.  I do now.

I have written a Wiccan tradition before, Knight Phases, which was a Wiccan path.  It dissolved in 2002.  I’ve also written another Pagan course that is not Wiccan – Self Discovery; Embracing your Dark side and am working on Matagi Krigare Tribe which will be the first of its kind uniting everyone who chooses to join and heal the world.

I am Northern European scholar, as I have over 30 years study (2007).

When I first created the idea for this store, I wanted to make a place for people in Canada who have forgotten about our rich forgotten history and that we were one of the first cultures to be wiped out by Christianity. They took away our Gaelic languages and were punished got speaking it. I found there was no place where we could learn about our culture anywhere and if shopping for stuff, we had to go to 10 different stores to find things and no one sold ancient stuff in the 90s.  

After teaching this I discovered how very important it is that we learn to recognize their own rich and beautiful pre-Christian culture and find where those modern dances might have come from and that our Druids and tribes were not evil. It shifts something within and starts to heal us.

For hundreds of years now our ancient Shaman like practices (Druids) some consider to be evil witchcraft.  Just silliness. Yet we accept Guru, medicine man and other labels… but for some reason not our own.  Sad indeed.

Slowly the world is waking up from the blind oppression.

We price our products in Canadian dollars.

Our Paypal check out is very safe and automatically converts your card to your own currency for your country.


Our Canada Victoria BC store is completely different than your average store so please come see us at a booth somewhere.  Check our Celtic events page to find out where we are!

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I’m committed to bringing you the most unique products. The kind of products you don’t see every day in a mall. The Celts and Vikings Mythology Shop will provide you with the most deserved convenient, secure shopping experience, because here you are family to us!

Celts and Vikings Mythology Online Shoppe

Victoria, BC Canada

Celts and Vikings

Celts and Vikings