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“McKewan’s School of Ancient Airts”

Call between 1 – 7 pm Wednesdays to Saturdays Pacific time.  We are open to in-person students only in Victoria, BC.  As of now, we are looking for a new venue to host courses and workshops in.

Example of What You can Learn at our School

When most of the neo-pagan movement speak of Celtic beliefs, some call it Druidism, but in reality, Druids were the priests of the Celts and their pagan rituals and beliefs are based on the mythologies that only the Druids could decode.  Celtic people had the same religion so IMO only, Druidism doesn’t seem quite right, as Druids were for the tribal people.  Druids were the Celtic tribe’s prophets, magicians, seers, healers, judges for dispute and some were even royal advisors. They were split into 3 castes each with a different focus. 

Most of the mythologies written today were written by monks thus personifications of their world were changed to suit the new religion.  Bardic colleges continued to operate in Wales, Ireland, and Scotland, for many centuries, but eventually the last one was closed in the early 17th century. New Age Druids groups today have been invented by 17th – 19th-century romantics and unfortunately many pass on misinformation as historical truth.

What does Celtic mean?

First Celtic is NOT pronounced ‘seltic,’ as most people assume because of the sports team with the same name, but instead ‘keltic’.  The origin of the word came from the Greco-Romans who referred to them as Keltoi (Celtae), which meant the hidden people. 

‘Celtic’ also does not refer to a race of people nor a religion, Celtic refers to a people who share both a common language and culture.  Just because Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall, and Isle of Man are where the Celtic languages are now, doesn’t mean you are not Celtic. 

There were no such borders back then.  There were Celtic tribes actually located across Northern Europe and down into Spain and Russia and other places including Australia.  Germany at one time had Celtic people thus it also depended on what era it was.  The point is that the Celts embraced all colours of people in their tribes along the way but yes the majority were Caucasian.  If you are Caucasian your ancestors were Celt or Viking.  And every tribe was different and had different but similar dances, their own unique stories, Gods & rituals, just like the First Nations people.   Unfortunately, New Agey people try to umbrella the Celtic paganism under one roof, as they do with today are new religions that branched off of Wicca around the late 1990s in Canada, which clearly you cannot do.  That would be like saying a Cree tribe is the same as the Tsimshian tribe

Unfortunately, our ancestors were one of the first peoples to be wiped out by Roman Christianity so Caucasians are so far from their roots and although we’ve lots of pride in our own culture, we don’t really know what it is past Canadian or American culture.  In fact, some people are so wrapped up in the Roman religion that they are even afraid of their own ancestor’s occupations, believing it to be evil witchcraft.  But this is so far from the truth. 

Unlike Wicca, we now know that the Celts were polytheistic and the vast majority of Gods found are fixed only to certain tribes and their locations.  The gods they could physically see, feel, and were very close to.  They did not pray up to some hidden God somewhere.  Yet untrained witches seem to think of them in some other dimension although they do go there too.  My point is, our ancestors did not worship the energy or spirit of a place that’s in a completely different country, that’s ridiculous, and that’s Wiccan beliefs, not Celtic ones.  Another huge difference.  Just because Wicca uses Celtic and Viking names for their celebrations, does not mean they are the same way of life or belief systems.  We also know the Celts were healers and diviners, blacksmiths, Priests, warriors, dyers, weavers and seamstresses, animal farmers, flock herders, and much more, not tarot readers, shamans, or ghost hunters lol.

The confusion grows further as historians try to equate Celtic deities with those of the Greeks and Romans. Ill-informed articles run rampant across the World wide web as well.  On one hand, we have actual “historical” knowledge that is conflicting such as Diodorus Siculus saying they laughed at the Roman Gods portrayed in human form; yet Caesar says all their Gods are believed to be their ancestors, not their creators.

More confusing still is trying to understand the Celtic myths and rituals that were translated to English. And the history about the Celts, written by biased Roman writers, says the Celtic people are barbaric, illiterate idiots. When in fact, through major years of research, we find out that it was the Romans who were far more Barbaric, the Celts were just viscious when defending themselves. We know for sure that Romans were fascinated with the uncanny knowledge taught in the Celtic Bardic schools, especially when it came to memorization, medicine, time, armor, fighting styles, magic, and astronomy. People came from all over the country to learn at these schools. We also know now that it was the Romans who borrowed many things from the Celts, not the other way round, in many things including chainmaille, crested helmets and Chariot riding was perfected by them.  The Celts did have roads, they were just wooden so they disappeared.

To help serious seekers sort through the mess; This is but a sample of what you will learn here.  We offer you the ‘Canadian School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’ with Chieftain mentors. The mentors will show you several perceptions and roads to take prior to making your path choice.  We teach Traditional Knight Phases Wicca, Celtic and Viking History, and Matagi Krigare Path here but we do give out other groups you can seek out before making your decision.

The above is just a taste of what you will be learning here. Our Mentors will teach you how everything is connected; having its own frequency.  For example, whatever you do to anyone or anything, you do to yourself.  If you hurt someone else in any form, you hurt the Universe.  Poison comes in many forms, through thought,  gossip, and man-made chemicals.  If you poison any part of the earth in any way, the poison eventually affects the Universe.  We harm our own bodies with unnatural drugs and thereby the cycle goes on; our babies are born deformed or dysfunctional. We must learn to live in harmony with everyone and everything.  We must learn to think good things. “As above and so below”.

History of Canadian School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

The main Mentor of the School has 40 years of study of many different Cultures, but mostly on the Celts and Vikings. 

In December 1997, All pagan faiths of Calgary, AB could go to a place, originally named ‘Pagan Place’, on 6 St NW.  Later it turned into a school of learning and became The McKewan/Fraser Celtic School of Ancient Airts when Lady Mysteel McKewan teamed up with Lord Mordwyn Fraser in 2001.  We have had many satisfied students with whom we’ve maintained contact with us for years. 

Unfortunately, we changed direction in 2004 and tried to start a tribe with the new students.  The school closed in 2007 when, a few,  ‘seekers’ abused our teachers, by coming with their own agenda in mind, starting their own group so they could show off to the Wiccan community and perform our Celtic ways that previously had been hidden from the public eye.   After three years of study with us and right up to the night previous to their initiation, they stole the initiation rite, secret lineage, and all our knowledge to form their own, claiming falsehoods and blame against one teacher in particular.  That was a dark time. 

I feel it’s time to open The Canadian school of Witchcraft and Wizardry back up again and thus I will be gathering teachers to take over from me.  I will hopefully be ready by Fall 2023.  Teachers please step forward and show me what you got.

Sorry, we do not teach online courses at this time. We offer in-person learning only.  We believe in oral tradition and refuse to give our names for lineage to complete strangers that may abuse titles, our certificates, and our good name.  No one can know the maturity level or background of someone behind a screen.  However, we are attempting to write a non-certificate course, for online Wiccan seekers of the outer circle in the near future, but not our private Matagi Krigare tradition.  

McKewans School of Ancient Airts

We carry all of the 6 styles of learning in each course – visual & verbal; writing, reading & research; hands-on exercises; memorization skills are included in almost every lesson. Each seeker in future classes can let the mentor know about the format he/she best learns in. It is too time-consuming to do one-on-one teaching in the earlier stages, but our classes are kept small – 4 minimum to 6 maximum.

Canadian School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has an oral questionnaire that helps both the student and teacher understand what the student needs to learn and where their strengths and limitations lay.

Throughout this process, both the Chieftain and seeker can ask questions and see whether they would be a good match and whether beginner or more advanced training is more suitable to what the seeker is looking for.  If they don’t match we are happy to direct the seeker to another group that might suit them better.

If you are a match, and you’ve paid for your course, you are sorted into a house, and let into the Canadian School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, our private inner circle page.

Learning & Meetups

Canada’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is Hidden on Vancouver Isle, yet in plain sight of muggles.  We are now in Victoria, BC. but are CLOSED until we are ready to set up again due to Covid-19 and needing a new facility.   

To find or attend our school, usually, a teacher will appear when you are ready.  You’ll stumble upon someone who gives you something in a surprise bag or some people just stumble across the school online, or they will be in your life but you have to ask the right questions.  It’s up to you not to miss the opportunity or they might consider you not yet ready.  Our students must be 18 and up. Will consider 16 up only with parents’ in-person permission with IDs.   

If you have a group of four or more, some mentors might come to your home.  All Our Canadian School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Learning Circles are offered to members of the public at a cost that covers supplies, utilities, the teachers’ wisdom, writings and time, beverages, snacks, and handouts. Students receive all supplies for each course except a notebook & binder and pen.   Our main teacher has over 40 years of study and is a paid mentor if you choose to learn under her tutelage.  See below.

WE DO NOT DO ONLINE CLASSES.  We teach in person only. 

OH NO!  But What If I Don’t Live in Victoria but I really want to learn?

Get a large group together – If you provide suitable accommodations and pay the cost for a 2-week stay with a class every night.  We’d be happy to teach you!!   

Or you’ll just have to purchase the workbooks prior and wait for a course without a certificate or graduation online.  It will be a touch cheaper but there will have to be a minimum amount of students interested before it will start.  

Courses Available so far are Self Discovery: Embracing your Dark side, Knight Phases Tradition (Wicca), and Matagi Krigare Weekend.  We will also have drop-in nights – Blood Proud for Women and Warriors Journey for men.

Course Studies

Choose your lessons from the courses below. 

Self Discovery Embracing Your Dark side – 2 months or an 8 workshop course, 1 night/day per week. This valuable course allows you to see different sides of yourself and to embrace your dark side as well. You come to face to face with your true self.  The lessons have been comprised to bring up issues that might be buried, bringing them to the surface. This is done in a safe and fun atmosphere.  Seekers learn not to take these sometimes scary issues and project them onto another as most do and learn to let go. We learn to ‘own’ our own insecurities; learn not to blame another, when it was ourselves who made the situation turn out the way it did.  

COST: for 8 weeks: $320.00  10 person min/max.  We reserve the right to change the start night of these classes if not full. Registration starts the first week of January.  The course Runs After New Moon February for 8 weeks, one night/day a week on a Wednesday.  1 pm or  7 pm.

Traditional Knight Phases Wicca course – 1 night or day per week, – 13 workshops in total.  This course covers, ethics, history, basic tools and knowledge of rituals, elements and quarters, Student-Teacher dynamic,s and more.  Pagan ritual is included.

COST:  for 13 weeks: $450.00.  10 person min/max.  We reserve the right to change the start night of these classes if not full. We show all the different types of traditions out there as well like Fairy Wicca, Eclectic Paganism, Neo Norse like – Asatru, Odinists, Heathens, and Neo Celtic beliefs like Sinnreachhd, Celtic Reconstructionists, Neo-Druidism, and moreNote:  We provide a student workbook, which is included in the cost.  Sign up April.  Starts after New Moon May for 13 weeks, one night/day a week on a Thursday.  1 pm or  7 pm.

Matagi Krigare Weekend – 2 – 8 hr days – Coming sometime in 2023.  

COST: $10 each and a potluck dish per day.   This is a modern-day New Age belief system that embellishes on every World culture and the similarities including Northern European peoples known in Celtic and Scandinavian areas.  The founder discovered all other cultures and religious similarities through both mythology and holy books put the symbolism of each in an easy-to-follow modern-day thinking way and made a new faith that EVERY culture, sexual orientation & non-binary persons can embrace and become one with no separation between peoples.   This was over a decade in the making still working on it in 2022.

This is not a Wiccan faith or like any other faith out there.  This is a brand new tribal way of life that hopefully grows worldwide.  We believe there should be no people living in single or solitary ways and we need to take back the power in numbers to the people, as our mental health has been declining more and more each year as people become more and more separated. 

People are meant to be tribal period and feel a sense of belonging.  Everyone wants to be a part of something and know they each contribute to each other and feel special.  Its no wonder everyone feels alone, lost, and not important.  More and more anxiety, depression, PTSD is happening every day and we are losing our spirit and our young.   This will not happen on my watch any longer while I am alive, I will try and do as much as I can to eliminate loneliness in those around me.

Gifting of any type of balanced exchange is always welcome to a mentor, healer, etc.  

See the Calendar on the “Celtic events” page every month.

Sign up September.  Starts after October Halloween weekend, Saturday, and Sunday.  Noon to  8 pm.

All The above courses in Blue are prerequisites to Joining Matagi Krigare Tribe.

Your money is nonrefundable unless the mentor cancels the course or you replace yourself with another student.  Gift cards available.  You can take the course on your own but have to pay the full cost so better sharing the cost with others.  Our Teachers do this full time and this is their income.  

Drop In Witch School Canada Learning or Fun Circles

Sometimes we will do surprise workshops or events, which are open to the public.  Starting in 2023 we will host these drop-in classes.  The workshops are on a drop-in basis for anywhere between $5 to $10 depending on the material used.  This can be anything from making mead, storytelling time, craft making, or something else that is fun. Check our Celtic events page to see when the next workshop is scheduled.  Please call prior as seats are limited and fill up fast.  

Blood Proud – Women’s open circle – at a cost of $2 – $5 PER WORKSHOP – DROP-IN IS WELCOME.  November 1 – end of December Friday nights after New Moon – No classes on Solstice nor day before and after or Samhuinn (Scottish spelling) eve or day.

Warriors Journey – Men’s open circle – at a cost of $2 – $5 PER WORKSHOP – DROP-IN IS WELCOME.  November – end of December Saturday nights after New Moon – No classes on Solstice nor day before and after or Samhuinn eve  or day.

Tribal or Kilt nights – meetup for modern-day Tribalists.  COST: Bring a twoonie to cover utility costs and coffee/tea supplies.  – Celtic groups, Druid groups, Norse groups such as Asatru or Odinists etc, Gothi groups and other Culture styled brethren.  You can wear from medieval to modern day tribal styled clothing in any style you want.  Bring on the kilts!!  BYOD (but no drunks), and potluck snacks to share. 

Sorry not a Wiccan event, though Wiccans are welcome to visit but must come in their formal robe attire.  A Saturday night from 8 pm to 1 am.  Once a month.


We do not allow reporters in to talk with our students under 3 years of training EVER.  However, they may come in and talk with Mysteel, or the other teachers anytime.

Celts and Vikings

Celts and Vikings