Aliajnem baby dragon figurine


A baby dragon figurine named Aliajnem which is Pwkatta language for Fire aliance.  

Aprox 10.3 cm tall.

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Fun Trivia: the legend of the dragon is one of the most enduring but has been romanticized throughout history and changed by the Christian texts when monks chronicled the ancient oral stories. The legends can be traced back as far as 4000 BC and exist in all parts of the world and cultures, although the description or look of the dragons will vary.  

People who have descended from ancestors from Europe were the first to be wiped out by the people of power who were talking over the world with righteous Christianity, so most now view the dragon as a monster of evil intent. But this was not true of our culture pre-christian.  To understand once what we used to believe I looked to surrounding cultures as well that match our Celtic and Viking intact stories.  And even though tainted by Christianity, we can figure out what the dragon once was.  For example, in Greek mythology, the Hesperian Dragon named Ladon was a hundred-headed serpent that guarded the golden apples in the garden of the Hesperides.  So we go to Welsh tales of Arthur, in his more God like form, we know that Avalon also meant ‘isle of apples’, a place where people of the old ways, or in other versions a place where our souls go to learn lessons and then be reborn.  If this place is protected by a Dragon, then clearly Dragons are absolutely good not evil.  To put this into a modern Christian view, and not twisted version to get people to convert, Dragons would be the guardians to heavens gates or on which the Universe spins. 

Why did they taint the oral stories?  Christianity made many things evil to get people to convert.  Dragons and snakes became a thing to be feared as the ancient Druids and the Gothi use to wear them on their skin when getting their priesthood. 

What are Dragons for besides guarding sacred treasure?  Dragons are lines of energy that we depict as serpent like or some have wings.  The reason is that we personified nature things in ancient writings to keep others from knowing the secrets.  There are many types and places where these dragons, or lines of energy exist.  These lines of energy can be build to protect, like a cone of power, making muggles walk on by and only those with the sight, special hearing, or other senses, feel its presence and use it to benefit others.

Baby Fire dragons are interestingly  very shy, compared to the adults.  They are hatched from eggs from a nest on the ground. Their habits are taking care of hair to enhance self-confidence; we know this because for those who have had the rare occassion to see through the veil into the invisible world, the dragons will take care of each other’s hair when together.  

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Celts and Vikings