Avienne Owl’s Red Spell Book Figurine


Avienne Owl’s Spell Book Figurine.  A snowy owl perched on a book of spells

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Fun Trivia:  The snowy owl is very recognisable due to its white feathers, yellow eyes and black beak. It is one of the largest species of owl in North America and, on average, the heaviest owl species.

If the Snowy Owl has been around you many times in your life , note that it is defined by its honesty and curiosity. People who recieve this totem animal often feel a sense of devotion towards the truth. They are often very trusting. However, they will never forget when that trust has been violated so never piss off one of these people or it might take years to gain their trust back.

If however if it is the Gods (energies of the Universe in sky earth and unseen or underworld), just messaging you briefly and a snowy owl is crossing your path, then pay attention as one or all of these things you arent doing – 1)  you are not grabbing opportunities that can change and evolve your life. 2) you are letting big opportunities go due to the fear of failure or 3) lastly you don’t want to leave your comfort zone to achieve something big in your life.


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