God and Goddess Candles Set


God and Goddess Candles Coloured set of 2 Black candles of the male and female genitalia.

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FUN TRIVIA:  A god or goddess candle is sometimes shaped in a humanlike form.  They can be found at a number of commercial websites or in metaphysical stores, and these candles can be expensive.  But what they really mean is fertility.  All pagan religions is all about fertility of the earth.  And the male energy was the sun which helped mother earth grow, and the seed. 

The fertility Goddesses embody the fertile nature of the earth itself, the female archetypes of the mother or patrons of motherhood.  Over time Goddesses become increasingly differentiated, representing a multitude of different aspects of the female and the natural world. 

When you have the masculine and feminine aspect together in this way, birth of something can happen, such as a project or other things your community is working on.

The thing is that magic should NEVER be done for one individual or out of greed, it must be done for the good of the whole.  Community is very important.  Without it, we slowly die and mental health rises.

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Celts and Vikings

Celts and Vikings