Beanie Hat – Viking Valknut


Modern Celtic Clothing. Beanie Hat with Viking Valknut

Fits all Adult Head sizes.

Material: Polyester

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FUN TRIVIA:  The Valknut (pronounced Val noot) which some say this means “knot of those who have fallen in battle.   Archaeologically, it appears on several runstones, and pictral memorial stones that date to the Viking Age and stand on the Swedish Island of Gotland, as well as on grave goods from Oseberg ship burial in Norway.

It is not mentioned in any period sources;  Wait what?  Then, was the meaning of this symbol? The short answer is that we don’t know truthfully but there are many new agey sites out there that spew regurgitated made up garbage and pass it along as if its true.  The longer answer is and what is true is: The Valknut appears to be only in connection with the cult of the dead, as in the aforementioned runestones and ship burial above. Similar-looking symbols can also be found on the cremation urns of the Anglo-Saxons, another Germanic people closely related to the Norse linguistically, ethnically, and in terms of their pre-Christian worldview and religion. In most of these cases, Odin is also present and where he’s not present, we often find other symbols that are closely associated with him.

Other untrue pieces of information thrown around, mostly by self taught book Wiccans with no formal training, is the Celtic tree calendar.  There was no such thing as a Celtic tree calendar in the days of the  Celts, it was made up by Robert Graves in 1946.   And other New Age authors pass this along in their money maker books as truth.  The Celts had the coligney calendar, there are no trees on it.  It was found in the area of where the Sequani tribe resided. 

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Celts and Vikings

Celts and Vikings