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Modern Celtic Clothing – Beanie Hat Goddess 

Fits all Adult Head sizes.

Material: Polyester

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FUN TRIVIA:  Celtic gods and goddesses serve as powerful symbols within the Celtic culture. To the Celts, their Gods were not in human form or seen as far away, they are the energy of certain places that represent a stronger, higher frequency. They were associated with tangible nature and the spiritual essence of nature and all its cycles.

The Celts believed that everything in the Universe is connected (the Tree of Life demonstrates this, connecting our world (the trunk) with the stars and the universe by its branches and the otherworld/spirit world by its roots all linking as one). There is nothing that is now or that existed in the past that can’t be traced back to the formation of the world. All aspects of the universe turn within a cycle … a year contains 365 days, 12 months, 4 seasons. From the tens of millions of years our galaxy has been rotating, the planets travelling around the Sun, the cycles of the season and human cycles of birth, life and death, each process is constant and cyclic.  The zodiac was a little different than the Roman one that the western world follows today and differed depending of what tribe or area you lived in but because literally are made from stardust, we were thought of as being descendants of the zodiac the ones we could see. 

Stories and myths, in the form of Bardic storytelling, song and poetry, were encapsulated into the everyday lives of Celtic and Norse peoples, giving them a sense of purpose and binding them closer to the natural world around them.  They provided provide moral tales, warnings and alternative choices. Most Science fiction and fantasy modern stories and movies can be found in the roots of ancient mythologies of different cultures.  I think people are so tied up in trying to claim things for their own but the truth is that we are all one people who split up, went different ways and chainged the story to suit their area, and era they lived in.  Sadly, especiallty for caucasian people, we have forgotten old ways, but we can still yield enough information to tie old and new together. Remarkably, many of these traditions, custom and folk memories are still alive and clearly connected to an astronomical heritage which shows up more in the Celtic and Norse mythologies than Classic Greco-Roman everyone follows now….. even though most of the Western World is not Roman. Celtic mythology and traditions, bind the stories of the night sky to events, symbols, literature and cultural trappings, and we can still do this today – hence what Matagi Krigare modern tribe did.

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Celts and Vikings

Celts and Vikings