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FUN TRIVIA:  The bear has been worshipped, probably as a brother, for many thousands of years. In this it can probably be said to be the oldest human-animal relationship.

Drawings of bear worship have been found in caves in Southern Europe dating back tens of thousands of years. Finnish bear tradition reflects the religious and ideological system of different eras starting from shamanism and ending in the belief of evolution of Christianity takeover of the western world.  There is a cycle (see the Stag / Deer) where by the famous Bear (or Human-Bear) Hunter chases the Stag that steals the sun in order to return it. This would relate the Bear in astronomy to Bootes the Hunter / Herdsman or Arcturus and the returning sun. 

In Finland a bear is thought to be an intelligent and soulful creature. It is no ordinary animal but some sort of human being living in a forest. It can count at least to nine and it can understand the language of man. Even though a bear has the strength of nine men it will not attack a human being without a good reason.
In Finnish tradition women had a special relationship with bears. It was imagined that bears were looking for a chance to reincarnate through women. Because of this belief women were supposed to stay far away from a dead bear during a bear’s funeral feast. It was commonly believed that bears would not attack a person they recognised as a female.

Many Northern tribes in Scandinavia and Russia believed that a bear was their forefather. For example, in Russian Karelia as late as in the early 20th century people didn’t eat bear because of the common belief that bears were relatives of man.

Birgitta, goddess, was associated with mother bear.

Knuut II the Great, the king of Denmark is said to be a descendant of a bear.

Skolts in Lappland call themselves brothers of the bear.

Also hunter Indians in North America believe that the most skilled hunter families are a result of such a union.

The Beauty and the Beast cycle of legends come from Gemany as he was bear like. 

The brown bear, the most widespread bear species, can be found over most of Europe, North America, and Northern Asia. The most stable populations of brown bear are found in North America and Russia. In North America, they are found mainly in the north-western regions of Alaska, Canada and a few scattered populations in the north-western United States. Only four populations of brown bear remain in central and western Europe: in the Cantabrian Mountains of Spain, the Pyrenees Mountain Range, the Alps, and the Abruzzo Mountains of Italy. Some populations exist in Scandanavia and in the Caparthian and Balkan mountains. In Asia, the bear population is declining rapidly to extensive hunting for their body parts. However, there is still a large population in the Japanese island of Hokkaido.

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