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Modern Celtic Clothing. Beanie Hat Blood Moon Raven

Fits all Adult Head sizes.

Material: Polyester

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The blood moon is about exposure, and unfortunately, the cowardice of the true king kept secret, or a King is to be killed.  The moral of the Blood moon is about embracing transparency, facing change fearlessly, and never running away from consequences.

To this day, cleansing rituals are performed during the blood moon to thwart the maligned influence when a God had his night of dominance during the total lunar eclipse.  Symbolically, the myth is a classic tale of the forces between balance vs. chaos.  In essence, the blood moon reminds us that these forces exist, and we must do our best to restore harmony and uphold goodness whenever possible.

If we dwell too much in the negative we will be swallowed by the dark, just as if we dwell too much in the light, we can no longer see what evil is happening under out noses.  So we use this night too open up to the otherside to restore balance within and grow to new ways of seeing.

For the Druids and their Celtic tribes, the blood moon represented a time of great opportunity, power, and fertility. It was a profound time that encouraged prophetic dreams and heightened intuition. It was time to see fertile crops, new ideas, helpful insights, and a time rich with potential.  Ceremonies were conducted during the blood moon to encourage new life, rebirth, and shedding of old habits. Depending upon the time of year when the total lunar eclipse occurred, the blood moon meaning shifted.

For example, if it was during the time of Samhain (October), this was a time of heavy harvest and slaughter of livestock to prepare for the winter months to come. At this time, the blood moon was considered a blessing, and special rituals and ceremonies were conducted to appease the Nature spirits and express gratitude for the abundant harvests.  It reminds us to give thanks for what we have and the power of gratitude.

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