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Material: Polyester

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There are several differences between gray wolves and black wolves that scientists have uncovered but Black wolves do belong to the graywolf category.  They turn black because of a genetic mutation in their K locus gene.

  • Gray-colored wolves are more aggressive than black-colored wolves. Gray-colored wolves are also more likely than a black-colored wolf to chase other wolves, due to differences in cortisol levels.
  • During distemper outbreaks, black wolves survive at a higher rate than gray wolves.
  • Black-colored females had 25 percent fewer surviving pups than grey-colored females, so stands to reason that there’d be fewer to reproduce and pass along the gene.

In Canada, deep in the Canadian Rockies, a small mountain village of 500 people dealt with a problem of a rare black wolf was spotted near the village on four occasions during the month. Because by this time, rural towns are Christianized, fear came from that belief system, even Fear of their own God, which caused them to believe this animal was a sign of misfortune and impending doom.  With much discussion they sent their greatest brave warriors out to destroy it.  You can probably find the story on the world wide web somewhere of these warriors, River Stone and White Lightning.  But basically, Black wolf is a humble messenger of the Great Spirit. who helps to expunge fear and root out paranoia among your humans, so they may return to the traditions of their original tribal ways and earth protectors.  He says you must learn to fully see into the nature of things, so you don’t tarry in the realm of illusion. For you must find the tribe Matagi Krigare, as that people and you have been called upon to help those remember the traditional way.

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