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Modern Celtic Clothing. Beanie Hat Horned Owl

Fits all Adult Head sizes.

Material: Polyester

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FUN TRIVIA:  Celts and Vikings – The Katyogle (or Owl) is consecrated to the goddess of wisdom.  The owl is associated with Hawthorn tree.  The owl is the guide to the underworld, it helps seers look into the spiritual dark, to reveal inside the darkness of ourselves and find a way out. 

The myth of Blodeuwedd (means flower faced) goes that she was created from flowers as a gift for a prince, but Blodeuwedd and her lover plotted to kill the Lleu.  When he was killed, he turns into an eagle and was restored to human form by Gwydion, the magician who created Blodeuwedd. Seeking revenge, the Lleu had Gwydion turn Blodeuwedd into a white owl, doomed to feel sorrow and loneliness in the deep, dark night.  You can see this myth of triad through out because she is a gooddess of spring and fall.  There was only three seasons winter summer and the in between.  She in one goes with winter and Lleu being summer sun is mad.

To some First nations tribes the owl is a symbol of death.  Other tribes see it as a healer.  Whenever owl feathers were worn by an individual, it often meant that they were a medicine person with healing abilities.

The Great Horned Owl is native to the Americas. Almost all habitats in North America support the Great Horned Owl, from swamps to deserts to northern coniferous forests. It gravitates toward second-growth woodlands, orchards, and agricultural areas. The male owl performs a display flight in courtship. It also feeds the female as part of courtship. Mated pairs are monogamous and will defend their territory with vigorous hooting.  When a pair is through raising their young, they often remain together in their territory but roost separately. 

But basically, if Owl comes to you from spirit – It says you must able to see the truth of all situations from all sides and give up bias. 

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Celts and Vikings

Celts and Vikings