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Modern Celtic Clothing – Beanie Hat Horse Spirit

Fits all Adult Head sizes.

Material: Polyester

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Europeans told stories of the Wild Hunt. At night, the Master of the Wild Hunt, mounted on a Black Stallion, would lead his Herd of Horses through the sky. Marks of their Hooves could be seen on rooftops in the morning. Horses bedded down in barns, for the night, would be found exhausted and wild-eyed. In contrast to the Wild Hunt was the lore of the “Horse Whisperer”. If a certain word was whispered into Horse’s ear, He would become compliant. This secret word was passed down among blacksmiths from father to son.  Even the colours of Horse have meaning but for different cultures, the colour meanings vary.  But here are some I found.  White Horse was connected to the Moon, Red with the Sun, and Black with the Wild Huntsman. Pale Horse meant famine and death.  But others connect them to water and waves, yet other European tribes they were of the winds, which os my preference – motorcycle and any open airs way of transportation.

Horse spirit teaches people how to be free. Mustang might beckons to people to come on an adventure. People riding Horses speak of being One, galloping with the wind. After knowing Horse, people say that He teaches them “wild hearts can’t be broken.”

Horse’s Teachings Include:

“Ride the winds of adventure and change. Horse will take you, and will protect you on the journey.” Copyright Unknown.

“Ask for clear guidance from Horse. He can help to put things into perspective if you are lost or confused.” Copyright: Rabbit’s Warren of Wisdom.

“History was written on the back of the horse.” — The Horse Park (Kentucky, U.S.)

Horse’s Wisdom Includes:
Male Spirit
Proper Behaviour
Using Power Well
Possessing Strength of Will
Having Great Stamina
A Guide to Overcoming Obstacles
Connecting to the Spirit of Civilization
All of Life’s Movement
Spirit of Freedom

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Celts and Vikings

Celts and Vikings