Owl Backpack


Owl Backpack made of canvas cloth and other material to print on.

Magical backpack to inspire your wisdom.

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The symbolism for barn owls is connected to how they live their lives. Since these owls remain hidden during the day, people think they symbolize wisdom, silence, and mystique. These elusive birds of the night are painted as mysterious creatures because of how they are perceived in different cultures. They are often associated with witchcraft, darkness, and supernatural encounters in many cultures.  Sadly Christianity tainted many cultures and some now believe the bird is evil.  

But they never understood how to see it from each cultures eyes. They didnt see darkness as evil, they saw it as a deep wisdom veiled by the darkness that can teach us a lot about our moral strength.

For example – In the Native American culture, the barn owl was seen as a symbol of death, transformation, and rebirth associated heavily with future and spiritual foretelling, mystical signs, and the mystery that hid behind obscurity.

In ancient Egyptian culture, owls have long been seen as a symbol of darkness and supernatural wisdom protected from those who do not deserve to receive this knowledge. Their dark qualities were celebrated because they were said to link with the unknown mystery of the hereafter.

In the Fend, Shui Chinese culture, owls represent wisdom, protection, knowledge, and intuitive insight. Their positive presence is associated with good omen and increased security, which can fend off negative energy from one’s home.

Our Celtic and Viking ancestors were no different and had similar myths.

Barn owls are notorious for their unusual sleep cycle. They are nocturnal creatures.  It is said in most cultures that when you hear an owl hoot, that means a witch is trying to reach you.   A witch means a wise person or healing person, in this case.  Someone that will help you.  You need to find him or her.  Yes Men are called witches too.  


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Celts and Vikings

Celts and Vikings