Celtic and Viking Tunics


Celtic and Viking Tunics – COMING SOON

Brown and Black bi-color tunic

Dark red

Blue and White 

Bright red


Celtic and Viking Tunics

Brown and Black bi-color tunic is so striking it evokes images of the Celts riding horseback in fog-filled forests with their precise longbows. A white keyhole neckline, contrasts with black fabric, and both are complimented by a suede, olive green body. It has a very earthy, medieval look. The hemline comes to aprox mid-thigh, and its lining is black cotton voil.

Dark red – This tunic is striking and durable,  made of a woolen blend, that also extends down the full length of your arms. Its hem-length is mid-thigh, and neck opening has a black, decorative latch-closure.

Blue and White knee-length tunic, designed to wear when you want to stand out among the other Medieval men, perhaps showing of your prowess especially around the solstices. Bold, contrasting colors of navy blue and white linen, hold the power of both the seas and the sky, with embroidered trim that joins the two colors.

This aprox Bright red knee-length tunic is striking in a soft and fluid viscose rayon fabric.  Three-quartered sleeves, keyhole neckline, side seams and hem are all lined with embroidered silver trim. Any Nordic or Celt comng to the feast or celebration will stand out boldly, or perhaps his occupation is fire guardian.

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Celts and Vikings

Celts and Vikings