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FUN TRIVIA:  On emotional level, Isa is able of cooling affections or frigidity. It has a delaying, preserving and freezing influence on other runes.  The Norse word isa ( EEsa) simply means ‘ice’ and in modern Swedish it is ‘is’ (pronounced ees ). Ice and fire are the two primordial force of creation in Norse mythology.   Isa is associated with emptiness, silence, mourning, that state of consciousness that accompanies and surrounds death, whose pain of tearing is not excruciating but becomes sadness, melancholy, and loss of sense.

On the other hand,  It is an excellent rune to work with to strengthen the soul complex, working on the ‘ego’ to mesh the different aspects of the soul and strengthen the individual personality. The Isa meditation given below works on this aspect and is incredibly powerful if used regularly.

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Celts and Vikings

Celts and Vikings