Beard Beads Celtic Triquetra XL Set


Beard Beads Celtic Triquetra XL Set of Two with a wider whole for thicker braids or beards.


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Triquetra – the triquetra is an interwoven Celtic knot figure with three points. (The word means “three-cornered.”) Truth be told, there are more similarities than differences between the triquetra and the triskele. , the triquetra is sometimes called a “lovers’ knot” and is exchanged as a token of love or betrothal. It stands for the threefold promise “to love, to honor, and to protect.” as it appears on runestones and early Germanic coins. But if you want the most ancient meaning, then for the Celts it would be Skyworld, earthworld and underworld. then for the Celts it would be Skyworld, earthworld and underworld.  Thinking of the world in terms of threes is an ancient way of avoiding duality of thought—the “black and white” worldview that cripples learning and spiritual growth. So when you tell a tale it is believed to go in forward motion to reach understanding and has many depths in the spiritual world (under), the present world (Physical) and the celestial world (sky). Even though it was pagan Celts, who first used the symbol, it appears to be adopted and repurposed as a symbol of the Holy Trinity by early Irish Christians in the 400’s.

How the Trinity Knot Became a Modern Symbol of Love

This ancient symbol evolved into a modern symbol with the Celtic Revival in the 1800s this unending knot, gradually grew to become an iconic symbol of eternal love, transcending time and place. As an unending knot that cannot be untied, they are unity, love and commitment.  It did not mean this in ancient times.

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Celts and Vikings

Celts and Vikings