Beard Beads Rune Thurisaz Set


Beard Bead Thurisaz Rune Set of Two of Bronze colour

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FUN TRIVIA: Thurisaz is a rune that represents the forces of chaos – that which we fear, the powerful emotions and drivers lurking beneath the surface. A giant, a thorn, a powerful, uncontrollable force. Interestingly, it is Thor (part giant himself) who wields Mjollnir, the hammer that controls the force of Thurisaz. 

Thurisaz represents the warrior that combines consciousness and wisdom with matters requiring force to remain courageous and free human beings.  On its passive side Thurisaz is also a fertility rune in the sense that it breaks down the barren and hard, rocky realms into workable soil as to bring fruitfulness to crops and wombs.

When you work with this rune, make sure you are in the best mental state for working with it and that is enthusiasm to sustain the proper awareness.  Do not use it in anger or fear, as the it will backfire and there is potential danger dealing with strong Thurisaz magic.

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Celts and Vikings