4. Celtic Fairy Necklace – Baba


Celtic Fairy Necklace Russian – Baba.  The pendant is a decent size, and flat not 3D and the image is made of acrylic so it does not remove. Its super pretty!   It is accompanied by a chain. 

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Celtic Fairy Necklace


In Russia, butterflies are sometimes called ‘duschichka’ (in Russian dialect) derived from the word ‘dusha’ meaning soul. Although, the main The Russian word for ‘butterfly’ is babochka, a diminutive of baba, (old) woman. Butterflies are a form of spirits in physical disguise in Russian folklore. In the Celtic world, butterflies were seen as the souls of the recently departed.

This little Fairy we gave a Russian name to.  Why Russia?  In ancient Russian cities, you can see crosses in a circle, traditional of Celtic societies.  According to the Celtic-Varangian legend, these Russian Vikings also had Celtic roots, which in my studies since 1980 is indirectly confirmed by the presence of several circle-inscribed crosses in modern Pskov Region.  We know that the Vikings and Celts intermingled and married for centuries.  The Celtic-style crosses in Russia have Axe blade like ends that differ slightly then the ones found closer to Britiain and Ireland.  

If you are able to count the spots on a Butterflies wings, it can tells you how much money is coming your way for the year. Certain butterflies are seen as a harbingers of spring weather, because unlike most other species of butterfly, some winters over as larvae and then makes its appearance once the weather gets warm in the spring.  Some elements of Irish folklore refer to butterflies as ‘souls of the dead’, making their way from the physical world into the Otherworld.

These species appear in this sequence – Northern Spring Azure in May, Cherry Gall Azure in June, and Summer Azure in July.  In Canada – Summer Azure does occur in Canada, but only in southern Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and easternmost Alberta, but Cherry Gall Azure does not occur in Canada at all.   British columbia – There were 187 species and 77 subspecies of butterflies and skippers known from British Columbia by year 2000.  See here 

In addition to butterflies, it’s important not to forget the magic of the caterpillar. After all, without them, we’d have no butterflies! Caterpillars are determined little creatures who spend their entire existence preparing to become something else. Because of this, caterpillar symbolism can be associated with any sort of transformative magic or ritual – shedding the baggage of your old life and embracing a newer beautiful one. 



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Celts and Vikings

Celts and Vikings