Celtic Hound Green Tie Necklace


Enamelled Celtic Dog Tie necklace all the way from Cornwall, UK

Zinc Alloy

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In Celtic myth tales, hounds symbolized courage, extreme loyalty, and honor.  Dogs were closely associated with healing emotions.

The Gallic gods of healing springs were said to have sacred dogs, and the votive offerings to these gods often portrayed dogs and their owners.

Yes we too once ate dog as there are stories of the Irish Filidh (seers) who chewed the meat of a dog in a ritual to gain prophetic vision. Animal names were often used as an honorable title for a courageous warrior; in fact the name of the god Cuchulain literally means “Hound of Culann.  Everyone in the tribe was given a geas when they chose their occupations.  Violating a geas (sacred taboo) in some instances would cause your death by the tribe others a fine and so on.  Cuchulain’s was that eating of dogflesh would lead to the hero’s death.

The mother of the god Lugh, in whose honor the Lughnassa festival is celebrated, was killed while she was in the form of a small dog.


Dogs were very important to Celtic tribes. 

  • For the Scottish tribes, Evidence suggests that Scottish hounds were in Scotland before the Scots themselves got there in the ninth century. The Collie originated as a shepherd’s dog in the Highlands of northern Scotland, rough, bearded and border.  For the terriers from there it was The cairn, west highland white, scottish and the skye terriers.
  • For the Irish tribes we get Irish Wolfhounds, Red and white setters, water spaniels, wheaton, kerry, glen of Imaal and irish terriers
  • for the Welsh areas we get – springer spaniels, Welsh sheepdog, Corgi, Welsh and sealyham terriers
  • Then we have the Galician tribe dogs – The name of Galatia is derived from the 20,000 Gauls who settled in the region in 278 B.C.E. More than two centuries later, in 25 B.C.E., the area became a Roman province and was extended to the south. Galician is the language spoken in the Galicia region of Spain. It’s closely related to Portuguese people. Although Gaelic is no longer spoken in Galicia, there is no doubt that Galicians have a Celtic heritage and Galician has some Gaelic root words.  they had galacian barn dogs which developed into our sheperds, galician pointer, galician hound, Galician Quisquelo or Guicho dog.
  • Breton Breeds came from where france is now but used to be called Brittany.  Breton is most closely related to Cornish today, another Southwestern Brittonic language. Welsh and the unfotunate extinct Cumbric, both Western Brittonic languages, are more distantly related.) They are as follows – Brittany Spaniel, Brittany Fawn Griffon and Fawn Brittany Basset

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Celts and Vikings

Celts and Vikings