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Celtic Heart Fairy Necklace

The pendant is a decent size, and flat not 3D and the image is made of acrylic so it does not remove. Its super pretty!   It is accompanied by a chain. 

  • Metals Type: Zinc Alloy and Acrylic
  • Chain Type: Water-wave Chain

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Celtic Heart Fairy Necklace

Little Ros, whose name means heart.  She loves to live around roses.  In fact the Fairy Rose is a flower that can be grown from Fairy Seeds in 12 days. If grown within proper range of a Bee House (5 squares in any cardinal direction), a Fairy Rose will cause Fairy Rose Honey to be produced, increasing the honey base value from 100g to 680g.  But these are not visible to the human eye.  Neither are the Beautiful red flowers appear on the ground wherever she waves her magical scarlet wand but we can see the results in time.  But is you have roses or dwarf shrub roses these little energies will be around.

She’s the one who makes sure fruits and vegetables grow juicy and ripe. She is the goddess (energy) of passion, courage, and energy.

Most people always assume that all fairies wsear green or forest colours but this is not true.  In fact, in North Wales the fairies seers say the kinds of fairies they have wear scarlet there, and elsewhere she said that they wore white, but she did see them green for special occasions.  Marjorie Johnson’s Seeing fairies, and in the 2017 Fairy Census, reveals that around one third of fairies seen are dressed in green.  Twenty per cent wear brown, twelve per cent red and ten per cent white or cream.  A scattering of other colours- blue, yellow, black- account for the rest.  

Janet Bord tells the story of a lost fairy child found at Middleton in Teesdale who has green clothes and red eyes and it is also reported that Shetland fairies are of a yellow complexion, with red eyes and green teeth.  These latter faes are, by the way, dressed uniformly in grey with brown mittens (it is, after all, a long way north).  see more with the author here 

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