911.Fairy Wolf necklace Laxgibaw


Fairy Wolf necklace Laxgibaw

The pendant is a decent size, and flat not 3D and the image is made of acrylic so it does not remove. Its super pretty!   It is accompanied by a chain. 

  • Metals Type: Zinc Alloy and Acrylic
  • Chain Type: Water-wave Chain

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Fairy Wolf necklace Laxgibaw

FUN TRIVIA:  The Laxgibuu or Laxgyibuu (variously spelled) is the name for the Wolf “clan” in the language of the Tsimshian nation of British Columbia, Canada, and southeast Alaska.  I changed the spelling for her name.  Wolves teach us how to structure our lives and taught the Tsimshian nation’s ancestors  what was edible.  Laxgibaw is this spirit who comes sometimes into the form of wolf.

DIRE WOLVES:  For the first time, experts sequenced DNA from five dire wolf fossils, which were found in Wyoming, Idaho, Ohio and Tennessee. Analysis showed that unlike many doglike species that seemingly migrated between North America and Eurasia over time, dire wolves evolved solely in North America for millions of years.  It roamed the North American (and later South American) plains in the late Pleistocene epoch (50,000-10,000 years ago) at the same time as human beings.

More than 4,000 dire wolves have been excavated from the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. 

The average dire wolf appears to have been roughly equivalent in height at the shoulder to the modern gray wolf but the dire wolf was considerably heavier in build (up to 70 pounds heavier) and possessing slightly larger teeth. Although similar in some ways to the modern gray wolf, the dire wolf offers some important and, for fantasy purposes, intriguing differences. A large dire wolf was much larger (up to 25%) than a modern gray wolf. The dire wolf’s legs were shorter and more robust, its bite 128% more powerful and its brain case was smaller.

The domestication of a real dire wolf was likely impossible. They had smaller-brains than a grey wolf, and if it was anything like its modern counterparts, would not have responded well to human training, would have been extremely dangerous to children and might likely have ripped your head off if you sneezed or cut your finger since any perceived weakness would fuel its instinct to take leadership of the pack.  Even Modern wolves, have been proven to be largely shy, but they are very unpredictable and aggressive despite attempts at domestication because it is incapable of altering their genetically coded predatory behavour.   


Wearing this necklace of Wolf symbolism brings forth intelligence, loyalty, freedom, and social connections, so you can demonstrate them into your life in a more balanced manner.

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