918. Norse Fairy Snow Snjókorn Necklace


Norse Fairy Snow Snjókorn Necklace

The pendant is a decent size, and flat not 3D and the image is made of acrylic so it does not remove. Its super pretty!   It is accompanied by a chain. 

  • Metals Type: Zinc Alloy and Acrylic
  • Chain Type: Water-wave Chain

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FUN TRIVIA:  Fairy Snow – Snjókorn is A Wee little Norse Fairy named Snjókorn which means snowflake.  Can you guess where they like to be?

These little guys are known by different names depending on the area or the era.  Some say Jack Frost.  A Snow Fairy is a species that exists and if there are males they have not been seen so possibly nonbinary.  They have both long or short hair, and love rabbits and hares so much that some have been seen wearing snow bunny hats, and white clothes with a crystally snow flake-like skirt. They also love reindeer.  They love to help and they can ask for their father two crows  Huginn and Muninn (which literally mean Thought and Memory) to come and guide people who are questing for things.  We use them for ‘the hunt’ for missing things and they remind us not to fall to far into despair or be consumed by the elements and freeze to death in dreaming and be stuck in your own house prison forever.  

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