Raven Skull necklace


Raven Skull necklace great gift for both the Celtic or Viking enthusiast.

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FUN TRIVIA:  Raven Skull necklace

Why do people love to where skulls?

For many the first thing they think about is death and they associate that with bad or evil.  Although the first thing we see is the skull, which is associated with death death, usually say this is a lasting image of a creature’s mortality.  But for our ancestos, the skull was also be a symbol of toughness and bravery and many kept them to honour the person who passed in that way.  Today we think of the skull as the moments when situations seem like a life-and-death struggle. The use of a skull can be a powerful message of defiance in the face of adversity and risk. Lastly, skulls can also be a symbol of life after death and communication with our ancestors. In the same way that it’s a death symbol due to its association with mortality, skulls can also mean the celebration of someone deceased or living each day the best way possible.


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