Viking Rune Peorth Necklace


Pendant is 2.5 cm long and 1.5 cm wide. 

Comes with black rope necklace aprox 43 cm and a booklet on how to charge the rune

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FUN TRIVIA:  The Rune Peorth is also called perth, Phurth, Pertra, Perthro, Peordh, Pero, and Plastur. It means, “Rock,” “Stone,” and the sound, “P.”   And when Christianity took over the mytholgies made this into Peter, or the first on the tree of life.  In other beliefs this is Kether. 

Behold, the philosophical ‘stone’.   There is an anglo saxon poem that reads – “Peorth is a source of recreation and amusement, where warriors sit blithely together in the banquetting-hall.”  It says its important to always have a solid rock (the base) meeting place to share together and welcoming all family, close friends and possibly new aquaintances.  It symbolizes the greatness of your life because of the things you do for others. 

Perthro’s power helps the recollection of knowledge that is hidden within the collective unconscious of humankind, especially human lore lost over the course of the centuries. The same process is responsible for prophecy.  In other words, the human being is the Microcosmos of the Macrocosmos.  It represents the ‘Work’ that all of us have to perform within ourselves.  this Rune depicts in your body, the nose – and techniques of breathing, the three breaths sometimes drawn as 3 feathers.

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Celts and Vikings

Celts and Vikings