Volcanic Lava beads and Tyr Rune Bracelet


Viking Volcanic lava beads from Iceland with a Tyr Rune bracelet

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Viking Volcanic lava beads –

Despite its name, Iceland isn’t really that cold. It rarely gets colder than -5 degrees C in the winter nor does it get overly warm either in the summer.
When I was there it did have a freak rare storm for a few days that was very cold though.
On the plus side, Icelandic people get virtually free hot water and heating from underground thermal sources. Hot steam vents can sometimes be seen here and there in the countryside. Some favourite spots to visit are areas where geysers and bubbling hot water or mud pools are for the locals can bake bread and many other things in them.

Walking along Reykjavik’s main shopping street, I noticed jewelry featuring lava stone for sale. Alas, the finished jewelry was way too expensive. Most things in Iceland are because the tax is an astounding 24%!  Anyhoo I found a place where I was able to buy a strand of beads to make my own jewelry.  Lava stone is volcanic rock.

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Celts and Vikings

Celts and Vikings