916. Water Fairy Necklace Nereeda


Water Fairy Necklace Nereeda

The pendant is a decent size, and flat not 3D and the image is made of acrylic so it does not remove. Its super pretty!   It is accompanied by a chain. 

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FUN TRIVIA:  Water Fairy Necklace Nereeda

Nereid is one of the many types of water Nymphs, goddesses of the sea, their energies are especially important to the coastal communities, islands, and sailors of the ancient world.

They enjoy dancing and games, and are usually said to be more well-behaved and reasonable than their landlocked fairy kin.

Nereus, was the original birth father of these energies, a powerful God sometimes called the Old Man of the Sea.  He is the son of Gaia and his father is also his brother Pontus.  He and his brother are shapeshifters. And he predated the Olympian pantheon, when the brothers were replaced by Poseidon as the the God of the sea. This tale matches closer to Celtic lore with the dark and light gods of the sea and everywhere else. They became more minor figures who lived under his rule.


The mother of the Nereids was Doris, one of the 3,000 Oceanids. Her parents were Oceanus and Tethys, the primordial gods of fresh water.  Little Nereeda, therefore, has a strong aquatic genealogy.

She stands for free will and can shape shift into dolphin, seal, fish, or shellfish form, as these are their children.  Her totem is a ring of protection, now offered as a commitment ring.  She gives inspiration to find places to hide people until they are safe.  

These sea gods are associated with golden apples.  They give protection to sailers and fishermen, actually saving them from shipwrecks and strong currents or treacherous waters.  If the ship is big enough, these little creature energies will band together to save it.  They will control the rudder, stear the ship or simply jump beside the boat in dolphin form keeping you safe without you being the wiser to a danger and they do it in a childish like joy playing a game.

Now their normal demeanor is protectiveness and kindness, enjoying entertainments, but make no mistake, they can also be vengeful and angry goddesses. Never challenge a Nereid, especially their beauty. They will demand justice for any insult said about them. They can send great sea monsters, to attack, they can destroy floors, crops and buildings, and are able to attack not just to the shore, but far inland as well.
These nymphs rarely had temples dedicated in their honour. They might be included in images of the major gods, but they were too numerous and minor to inspire great devotion.  Yet, in rural areas the water and tree spirits were sometimes honoured in small local traditions in pre-Christian times.

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