Shipping & Return Policies

Welcome to Celts and Vikings Policies and Shipping info.  When you’ve purchased an item, you are saying you’ve read and agreed to them including our shipping times.  Please read carefully before placing your order.

  • By using this website and services and/or placing an order you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below.
  • Before placing an order, you are saying that you agreed with our Shipping and Policies. 
  • If you have any queries relating to these terms and conditions, please contact our Customer Services on Contact Us page.
  • Most of our communication is done by e-mail. Therefore, please make sure that you provide an e-mail address when you purchase and that the email you provide is correct.  If we cannot get a hold of you by email, then after the second attempt, we phone.  If you did not leave a phonenumber then after 30 days you lose your right to a refund or trade. Please note that our e-mail sent from  account might appear in your junk/bulk mail folder instead of inbox.
  • We do not ship out from our store, all online products are shipped directly from the artist or supplier.


We reserve the right to refuse an order. Non-acceptance of an order may, for example, result from one of the following:
* Our inability to obtain authorization of payment.
* The identification of an error within the product information, including price or promotion, or not shipping to your country, or you have chosen the wrong amount of shipping charges – 
 Watch you are using our pull down shipping costs correctly.  Our items come from different places.  Make sure the letters on top of the menu match for the same order so that they are all coming from the same place, otherwise you must choose full cost for each item coming from a different artist or supplier.  In other words,  You cannot choose 2nd item cost unless you’ve ordered the first item from the same supplier.You will be asked to pay the right amount and then sent a Paypal invoice.   If you dont pay proper shipping, we can refuse the order and you shall be charged the processing fees of 2.99 %.

In case of an obviously fraudulent order placed.  For example;  Fake identity or FRAUDULENT SHIPPING COMPANY SCAM.  If this has been done and money sent, when sending money back you shall be charged a handling fee of $50 for the time taken to set up the order.

In case we think that the buyer is trying to harm our business, or violates the applicable law, we reserve the right to block the user from any future use and orders from our website.

COPYRIGHT All contents of this website- all the images, text & design are copyrighted, but you are free to use images for our website promotion, post our products on your personal blogs or websites, share items you like on social networks BUT … Please include the link to our website when doing so.  Please note that you may not make any commercial use of any of the information provided on the Site or make any use of the Site for the benefit of another business unless explicitly permitted by Celts and Vikings in advance.

OUR PRODUCTS: WE DO NOT CARRY MOST STOCK ON OUR WEBSITE, as what is in our physical store is one of a kind and sells fast.  Our website is almost completely different and features artists and crafters around the world who can duplicate or manufacturer the same items.  Therefore the products are shipped directly from them to you NOT US.  YOU MUST ALWAYS CHECK ON AVAILIBILITY PRIOR TO ORDERING – AS THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON ANY ITEM, EXCHANGE ONLY! SEE CLOTHING BELOW.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO RECIEVE MY ORDER?  Normally, We order from the artist supplier within 48 hrs of your order, then it takes the artist or supplier up to 48 hrs, of business days, to see the order then make the order before shipping it out to you.  Thus anywhere from 5 to 10 weekdays in total.  Handcrafted items may take longer, some up to 7 weeks.

Please note: 
1) We can only estimate a shipping time but cannot be guaranteed as we have many artisan suppliers and each couple, person or designer who makes these items, is from a different city or country of origin.  That is because, we searched the world for the talented and unique to try to stay away from products that you can see everyday. 
2) We cannot control occasional inventory shortages, shipping carrier delays, customs delays, weather delays, & other factors that could delay your shipment.
WORLDWIDE SHIPPING:  We offer worldwide shipping on many of our products which are clearly marked from what country they are shipped from.  Our products on the website are not our handcrafted products in our physical store in Crawford Bay, BC.  The products are also clearly marked as to what countries they will ship to as well – READ before you order.  If there is no shipping box, please let us know for we make mistakes sometimes as we are human.  Make sure the product you are buying ships to your country, prior to purchase, as we will not be held responsible for your mistake.  It is your job to make sure an item is in stock, and ships to your country prior to purchase for there are NO REFUNDS, ECHANGE ONLY. We are not responsible for items stuck at your customs/borders, nor if an item is backordered or has no definate ETA.  
Damaged Items:  We DO give a refunds only if the item recieved is damaged or unusuable in the way the item was meant to be used.  You must ask the delivery or post office person to stay while you open your parcel before they leave your sight, if you want to prove your item was damaged before the package left into your care.  We guarantee if it was damaged on its way to you, we will replace it.  Please write us first to get the address of return as some products must go back to the supplier directly and not through us.  Returned items will be reimbursed but not shipping charges, this will include a second appropriate shipping charge for sending you the repaired or replacement item.
Clothing Items:  We do not allow returned clothing items at all due to hygiene issues and persons wearing it to an events then returning it.  The only way is if it was damaged prior to your care and shown immediately to the postal service delivering your item.
No Refunds: We do NOT REFUND money! We do Exchanges period.  Excuses we heard below.
               1) If you ordered an item & changed your mind, after the fact, WE WILL NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY. 
If you ordered an item and decide you dont like it when it arrives – WE WILL NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY.  
             2) If you did not read what country it ships to and it doesn’t ship to yours, we will not refund your money.  If this happens we will let you know right away so you can choose a similar priced item that does ship to your country.  WE WILL NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY.
                3) Because we have such a huge amount of products, we dont know what each supplier still has in stock.  They updating their sites all the time and some dont.   It is your responsibility to ALWAYS check on availibility of online products, prior to buying.  If you bought without checking on availability, WE WILL NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY.
            4) We do not allow exchange of items if damaged – See damaged items.
              5) You walk in to a store, buy an item and get told “All sales are Final”.  It is the same here.  It is not the stores fault and we will not pay the fees to do the two transactions and – WE WILL NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY.
Explanation of No Refunds;  The Shipping and Policies page link is clearly posted on many of our pages and to check availability on almost every product.  If we missed a product, please let us know.   Discontinued or Backordered NO ETA items:  If the item you ordered has been discontinued and it is unknown if it will ever come again (NO ETA), we shall write and tell you asap.  Please note that if you would’ve wrote us about availability in the first place, this problem would have been avoided – see No Refunds above.  
Rush Orders – We don’t do RUSH ORDERS,  because a hold at customs or other unforseen causes can still delay your purchase.  We take no responsibility for the time it takes to ship as we cannot foresee problems that might occur.
Handcrafted items:  Handcrafted items are usually made from scratch from the time you order them from talented artists we have found for you in Canada and USA.  This means depending on the season or order, this could take 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the complexity and materials available.  If you are ordering for a special event make sure you order at least 2 months prior.  A few Examples of products made by one or two individuals are: – our custom walking sticks, torcs, Celtic jewelry sets, circlets, sporrans, broomsticks, masquerade masks, clothing and wooden wands.  Note that the majority of our items are designer made except for the small checkout counter style items like incense, books or candles etc.
Weapon laws:  The person buying the item is saying that he or she is 18 and older.  Make sure you know your countries laws before ordering such items or it won’t go through the border and we are not responsible for this.
Privacy & Security: The personal data we do store on our system is protected by firewall and password. Our network firewall is a combination of hardware and software designed to keep unauthorized users from accessing our network. We store no financial information or social security information on our site. The password you select, along with your unique email address, prevents others from accessing your information. Suggestion: Don’t disclose your password to anyone.
Disclosure: To provide you the best selection, we teamed up with business partners, that help ship products for us. When you order a product or service, we share your name, phone number and address only, which is needed for you to receive what you have purchased.  We take great care to require that these business partners agree not to use any member information that they may receive access to. 


1) We cannot charge one shipping fee at the end of check out because our Items can come from completely different Artisans or suppliers. Each shipping dropbox is clearly marked by two letters in Red above the drop menu of shipping costs.  Be aware to make sure your entire order is coming from the same supplier and then you can save on shipping.  We do not set the costs.  Some artists/Suppliers use FedEX, some use USPS, some Canada Post, some UPS.
If you choose 2nd item shipping and did not buy a first item from the same supplier or at all – you will be sent a paypal request for the proper amount of shipping cost as our store is NOT responsible to cover your costs.  Sometimes an item is glitched and only second and third item shipping is in the drop down.  Please call us and we shall fix this asap.
ORDERING PRODUCTS WITH DIFFERENT SHIPPING DROP BOXES:   Most suppliers try and use ground shipping so they can maintain as close to free shipping as possible but others use UPS or fedex.  Choose first item for each different supplier.