Matagi Krigare Jysep

The lesser known part of Paganism is a tribe being created in a book still being written which started in 2004, but entirely being revamped in 2018.  Its Tribal Training is based on finding the similarities in every world culture that can be found and their lore and mythologies and the writer, is in the process of putting these ancient myths, decoding them into a tangible way, with an updated modern twist. 
I felt I needed to unite the clans/tribes through Matagi Krigare because the world was nearing a big change of fighting and destruction and this will be needed. I kept having dreams and signs since I was a child but never unsderstood them. 
 It is my goal, although a wopper, to creat modern day Tribal Training and spread it worldwide to show people we are one race, the human race.  We dont need to be controlled.  We need support and community back instead of indovodual family units. 
It is being created to put into effect a working system for a modern day way of living with united tribes world wide doing it their way.  Inclusive to every culture, every sexual orientation so its purpose stops segregation, and everyones works together, learns how to not unfriend and instead work it out, not spread hate from fear. Matagi Krigarians means Prism warriors, meaning all colours are one coming together to fight for the human race.
We base this on equity not  equality to keep system going.   Just as our ancestors included others they met on their journey of movement, I feel them calling me to get this written more so than ever. Now I get it.  It will be completed in the year 2023.
When I began to unravel all the matching all the myths, including the bible, I all of a sudden had an epiphany of how to read them, and how the gods came to be, what they actually were, and how they worked, by seeing it through ancient eyes, instead of modern, and by studying the style of how they wrote in those times.  I am working hard to scrap the outdated things that we know now are not true, keep the things we now know to be true, things we can tangibly see in nature, and included the new planets plus other new discoveries since our ancestors lived. 
I am including these…. because to be pagan and only follow only what the ancients saw or believed, in my opinion is just plain silly.  All groups and tribes and religions or belief systems change along the way.
In other words, Matagi Krigare Jysep does not ever want an “us vs them” mentality.  Our tribe focuses on inclusion.



We do not tolerate or wish to attract wingnuts who pretend psychic power, who are wrapped up in hate or negative witch war games.  Those who belittle anyone no matter who they are. 
We are not into petty historical and modern day pagan wars.  No two scholars can agree on everything, and thus we have our own views, as well as each individual.  We dont care because we focus on the comradery and language that bind us, not Dogma. 
If you dont know how to resolve a dispute, and heal any type of relationship, LEARN.  If instead you decide throw your hands in the air and walk away or worse blame the other party … then you aren’t mature enough yet to be going through a very tough adoption ceremony to join. 
We are looking for persons who are successful and happy with themselves, and respect and love diversity, different opinions and are able to see through someone elses eyes for thats how a person grows and does not remain stagmant.
Does this sound like home?  Come to join!!
Any questions?  Please write us –!!
If we buy land together;
The Matagi Krigare tribe is willing to provide Tribal Training for those who seriously wish to make a tribal world so noone is ever lonely or unsupported again.  We sharing in the purchase of land, bills and trading survival items as food, farming, warmth etc., and selling our trade in our joint store.  We do not have to keep up with the Jones, for we share. 
We do not perform for the general public, for we do not wish to be circus animals nor do we have any interested in being scrutinized by others thus making our sacred, less sacred.  We do not feel the need to “be accepted” by the pagan community, or any outsiders and are very happy doing our own thing. 
We see a lot of groups who claim to seek the TRUTH about others or BE the TRUTH, yet they do not understand truth has many perceptions like a bee’s eyes. To truly seek truth, you must listen to all perceptions and parties, remaining neutral and unbiased.  NEVER make your decision with someone just because you know them through what someone else said or through your own lens.   
by Chieftain Mysteel 
Copyright May 2009

Updated February 2022

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