Matagi Krigare Jysep

The lesser known part of Paganism is a tribe being created in a book which started being written about in 2002.  Its based mostly on the Northern European Tribal lore but makes sure it matches all other cultures around the world.  My name is Mysteel.  I am a Celtic scholar of 30 years and the writer, is in the process of putting the ancient myths all together in a decoded tangible way, with an updated modern twist. 

I feel I need to unite the clans through Matagi Krigare in which her goal is to spread it worldwide to show people we are one race.  It is being created to put into effect a working system for a modern day tribe, which is inclusive to every culture, every sexual orientation so it stops segregation, and everyones work is very important to keep system going.  Everyone gets equal pay per hours they put in.  Just as our ancestors included others they met on their journey of movement, I feel them calling me to get this written.  I feel it will finally be done in 2021.

Matagi Krigarians will not claim to be following Northern European or any other culture’s ancient beliefs, although I have studied similarities of the myths in every culture, instead we will follow a modern day nature faith with no dogma.  When I began to unravel all the matching all the myths, including the bible, I all of a sudden had an epiphany of how to read them, and how the gods came to be, what they actually were, and how they worked, by seeing it through ancient eyes and how they wrote in those times.  I am working hard to update the outdated things to things we now know to be true, things we can tangibly see in nature, and included the new planets plus other new discoveries since our ancestors lived.  I am including these…. because to be pagan and only follow only what the ancients saw or believed, in my opinion is just plain silly.  In other words, Matagi Krigare training focuses on the similarities between cultures and beliefs, not the differences.  We do not ever want an “us vs them” mentality.  Our tribe focuses on inclusion.



We do not tolerate or wish to attract wingnuts who pretend psychic power, who are wrapped up in hate or negative war games.

We avoid those who think that witches are ghost busters (go to a paranormal place that deals with that), wanting tarot readings (thats an occupation not all witches do that), those that think or those who want to learn magic to do spells (because they lack something in their lives –  thus coming for the wrong reasons), those that think their pet is a familiar (they are not an entity that can care for itself, they are a living breathing being that depends on you) and lastly we don’t want the people who pretend that they are some 4th generation witch, or your great aunt, mother, grandmother taught you shit, like there is some unbroken line of witch beliefs in what happens to be your family who somehow made it through the inqisition with a diary or book with its pages intact since the 5th century….please.  Every single ancestor of all of us came from pagan beliefs.  You dont have an up on anyone else.  

We are not into petty historical and modern day pagan wars.  No two scholars can agree on everything, and thus we have our own views, as well as each individual.  We dont care as it is the comradery and language that bind us, not Dogma. 

If you dont know how to resolve a dispute, and instead throw your hands in the air and walk away… then you aren’t mature enough to be in our family.  All disputes must be worked out directly to the person and with you alone, never with others backing you up.  So it is a huge decision to join this tribe, because if you do, you join for life.  There is no quitting because you got your feelings hurt and dont want to work at all relationships.  You will go through a very tough adoption ceremony to join. 


We are looking for persons who are already successful and happy with themselves, those that do not procrastinate when it comes to a challenge and give up, but find a way to get over, around or under the obstacle.  Persons with special abilities, like blacksmithing, animal husbandry, dog training, horse riders, weaving, gardening, electrical, doctors and so on are most welcome.  We want to be self sufficient so money is not a stress any longer.  Crawford Bay, BC is where the first land was.  No one joined me there, should have bought on the Nelson side but in hind sight I didnt know, so I’ve moved to Victoria in 2018 to try and meet like minded people.  Matagi Krigare tribe will make it money by its members being artisans, hair designers, teachers etc. who offer a service or craft and sell through the Celts and Vikings Mythology Shop or Fantastical Worlds.

We grow and change holiday celebration rituals all the time because it is done by whomever is reading and interpreting the written event.  Maybe one day its got a Celtic flair, the next year it could be African, Indian or Japenese.  Its up to whomever is hosting.  Those that join have already done their homework and researched us, so they know what they are getting into prior.  They do not bring the disrespect of skepticism, they do not come with their own agendas of stealing knowledge or power, nor do they comethen decide its not for them because they didn’t get their way.   We do have a hierarchy but, with that heirarchy is for organization not power.  We know that even the littlest job for each person is just as important.  For without those little jobs, the tribe wouldn’t function.  There is always respect and equality for all because all jobs pay the same.  The Figure heads share what they have with the entire tribe during all special events which the treasurey makes sure all is distributed well for each each celebration.  Each household gets same wage for the hours they work.  

Those that join, join knowing what the tribe core beliefs are. They agree to learn, practice and share this way for their lifetime.  We focus on what we each can bring, how we can change instead of changing someone else or where someone else is at.  

The Matagi Krigare tradition – our core beliefs and holidays may be set in stone, but how live and celebrate is not.  We also have our own language.  These beliefs and language are the things that unite us as one world tribe.   Matagi Krigare tribes are based on the terrain each tribe live on, not some country far away.  So each one divided their country into 13 accordingly yet the south gets different constellation stories.  

We want members to come because they are rich in joy, they are successful in their job, they love their selves and wish to love others who are like-minded.  They are people who are willing to make a changes in themselves, don’t mind criticism once in awhile and will actually do the work to improve self.  This isn’t hand you the secrets on a platter place where you stir a cauldron and everyone in your life changes over night to do what you want.  This is how can you change to make your world better.  This is not a blame the teacher, boss or others place.  If you have a drug or alcohol problem…don’t apply, if you use natural drugs or alcohol responsibly, come ahead.  We seek to enlighten and improve self not look where others are at.  Its about you and what you can do for others to make their day great.

Our most important belief is that all our attitude is come to ‘helping tribe first’,  selfish needs come second.  Every action we do, we think of the good of every person in the tribe.  We know any negative action or untruth carried out affects everyone around them.  This domino effect lasts for many generations after and thus cannot be. It is our own energy we bring to the table, so we are conscious of what type of energy we bring in to a room.  If we are angry, resentful or uncomfortable or not, our energy will make it worse.  Resolve with the member face to face then have a beer.  Self gain or attention are far from Matagi Krigare virtues. Unfortunately, Selflessness is one lesson that many cannot attain.

New members co-ordinate our annual tribes charity run and our volunteer work.

If you live in the Victoria area, or be able to commute to it, come on in and find out more.  Call and make an appointment.  I  shall be most happy to sit down with you and discuss the path anytime.  Any other part of the world, I am happy to come and start one there if you arrange comfortable accommodations and wage coverage.

People, the time has come.  We shall no longer walk blindly and rely on government to take care of us, we are going to grow food, make candles, our own electricity, share land, and work together to build a fairer world.  This way of life is learning to communicate, create our own wealth, and give human touch and a sense of community and belonging which is so much lacking in our modern world, together!  We need to stop this mental health crisis.  Does this sound like home?  Come to join!!

Any questions?  Please write us –!!

How to Join Matagi Krigare Jysep

There is no charge for Matagi Krigare tribal training, because they become family and have already agreed to the way of life & the main beliefs prior to joining, but you do pay for your books or materials needed for the tasks of PRE- tribe prerequisite.  

IF you have gotten to this point where you are accepted and ready to be put up for adoption into our tribe, then you already spent at least 1-2 years around us and 1 on your own = 2-3 yrs total.  Why?

You take two prerequisite courses, this helps us determine how serious you are, shows us the type of student you are, what your strengths, weaknesses and interests are and that you understand the exchange in monitary value or gifting for trade of time and knowledge is a balance and a privelege not free.  

After the prerequisites, you have the labouring task of going all over your city or area first to see if any of the other groups are more for you, which will take you another year or two.  You will attend a potluck all day workshop for the readings of the main beliefs of Matagi Krigare.  By the end of this weekend, you will ponder what was said and write down anymore questions that pop up in the next moontime.  Once done and for sure MK is your decision, then you begin the process of trying to join Matagi Krigare tribe.  First, you will let an Elder know if they wish to join this tribe by showing proper etiquette like you were taught at the weekend two day event.  Know that this might take up to 3 moons before the Elder gives an answer, as it is quite the process, the larger the tribe grows.  Each new beginning tribe in your province or state will be the same.  

When accepted, your very hard ordeal blood oath adoption ceremony date will be told to you.  Don’t miss it or you wont get the chance again.  Only emergency life or death excuses will be accepted. 

The tribal training is usually one on one but can be up to 3 seekers with a foster clan, not your clan. The adoptee may move through many mentors, along his or her path.

The rest of your life is up to you as an individual.  The adopted person goes on to perfect his or her own craft on their own, following the main core beliefs and pre-written main rituals of the tribe, which can be put to vision anyway the reader chooses. He or she also makes his own rituals or grimiore text book for his/her own profession if he or she is the first person in that profession. 


If we buy land together;

The Matagi Krigare tribe is available to those who seriously wish to make a tribal world by sharing in the purchase of land, bills and trading survival items as food, farming, warmth etc., and selling their trade in our store.  We do not have to keep up with the Jones, for we share. 

Along with your individual craft, the member brings to the tribe, he and the rest of your clan are responsible for their share of paying for the land and store to sell their goods.  There will be 13 Clans in each tribe, no more.  Each person belongs to a clan of up to 13 members, 13 X 13 make up the entire tribe. Each of the 13 groups pays 7.7% of the bills and mortgage payments, thus the land is everyones to use.   

Our tribe, offers 13 task lessons to the adoptee for your first year then you are on your own but we have some training in certain occupations, and there is 6 – 20 yrs of training, if a person chooses the optional 3 Priesthood paths, but these paths are not for everyone. 

We do not perform for the general public, for we do not wish to be circus animals nor have any interested in being scrutinized by others making our sacred less sacred.  We do not feel the need to “be accepted” by the pagan community, we do our own thing.  We are more into our own tribe and spiritualism of individual paths then we care about performing for others or sharing our sacred language or ceremonies but we dont exclude on holidays.


Possibly 2022 if covid-19 lockdown ends

BE one of the first to join and make your mark!!!


Please keep in mind that pagan Traditionalists or tribes do not believe in Internet learning, nor will you see us actively doing any internet or other advertising, set up solely for recruitment. We take our beliefs seriously and are dedicated to our tribe. You also won’t find us ‘performing’  in the general ‘pagan’ communities as our ways are VERY different and we find no need to show the curious, or need the approval, or attention or praise of any of the “Pagan” community for that matter. You wouldn’t see Catholics performing for Protestants would you?… so why do some newbie pagans feel the need?

We see a lot of groups who claim to seek the TRUTH about others or BE the TRUTH, yet they do not understand truth has many perceptions like a bee’s eyes. To truly seek truth, you must listen to all perceptions and parties, remaining neutral and unbiased, before making an opinion or ‘siding’ with someone just because you know them.   There is no right or wrong way there is just the way you choose. Lets face it.  If you think bad thoughts about others, thats what you will see.  You can find that in everyone if you look for it with that perception.  Lets think about our number one small talk topic – “the weather.”  If you talk negatively about the weather, you injure the Universe.  Weather is only doing its job, and most likely overworked trying to heal what we’ve done. Try to remember that “Every good thought is felt by everything”, and manifests in how we view the world and ourselves. Do not allow others to have a platform to send out negativity about others or cut them down on their personal blogs or forums.  Allowing others to vent in a private atmosphere so they can rid or see the problem aloud is okay.  But right away its time to end with trying to change the perception and turn to how ‘I’ can change to change the situation so I can see through the other persons eyes and how ‘I’ could make the situation better.  If you ever agree or gang up on another, whether they are in the wrong or not, and not stand with the person who is alone, you are a bully period.  Always help change a sitiation to the better, not divide each other.  Help change the energy and let it go so it is not stuck within you or others.  To Matagi Krigare members, we find it is important to do our part in healing the Universe – “All for One and One for all!”

We feel, at this point in time, that the new-age openness of sacred ritual disregards the whole point of tribal bonding and that was so much a part of our ancestral heritages.  New people who are continually allowed at rituals, ruin the flow of the energy, especially if the group has not yet memorized and done the ritual together many times.  Let me be clear, Im not talking about holidays, Im talking about our private rites and rituals.  Just by doing these together, we all become confident and build trust in each other, which develops a tight special bond.  Being so tight, so that we can read each other just by our movements, so to speak, is what it’s all about. Keeping in touch at least twice a month with your family members is very important for this process, especially in the first few years.  Adding strangers to the mix too soon can lead to chaotic energy, when we are not ready & retards the vital bonding and growing process, where trust, safety and closeness is the highest quality that make up a tribe, a people.  Every real tribe does private rites or rituals that are unique to them. Why would Traditionalists want to openly share intimate details of ceremonies with others.  It is our own bond.  You will however find some of our holiday festivals open to the public but we will never share our intimate rituals or magic at these, but instead spread fun and Joy to all.  Unless the whole world becomes united  as one.

by Mysteel M. Muilyen

Copyright May 2011

UPDATE August 2019 :  2011 IS When we were just begining but I moved to Mountains soon after and lived alone on the land I purchased for the 4 member tribe that ended up not following (jobs in city, spouses that wouldnt follow etc).  I finally sold and moved to Victoria.  This webpage is now updated to date above.  Thus there is no longer a tribe.  But I wish to start one here in 2022.  Let me know if there are any teachers or interested members out there.